Who is Ilona Maher? US rugby Olympian hailed as the “TikTok Queen”

American rugby union player Ilona Maher has not only participated in the Olympics, but she has also gained a significant following on social media as the “TikTok Queen” .

Following her nursing degree at Quinnipiac University, Ilona Maher continued her athletic pursuits by competing internationally in women’s rugby, after having a childhood filled with a diverse range of sports.

In 2020, Maher secured a spot on the Olympic team as the center and went on to participate in the Summer Games in Tokyo in 2021, following a one-year delay.

During this period, the rugby star gained a significant online following by sharing her experiences as a first-time Olympic competitor, leading to her rapid rise in popularity on TikTok.


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♬ original sound – Ilona Maher

What is the reason behind Ilona Maher’s nickname TikTok Queen?

Despite the fact that her online presence was boosted by her “amazing journey and accomplishments”, it was her authentic and welcoming nature that truly won over viewers’ hearts and solidified her place as a beloved Rugby player.

Maher’s account primarily centers on her personal experiences as an athlete, while also promoting body positivity and celebrating female strength. She refuses to let anyone bring her down, shutting down any attempts to do so.

On August 20, 2023, Maher shared an inspirational message on her Instagram post, encouraging any woman with broad shoulders to exude confidence by standing tall and walking into any room with pride.


The audacity

♬ original sound – Ilona Maher

Maher’s videos have given fans a unique perspective on the well-known Olympics that is not commonly seen elsewhere.

Many are eagerly anticipating her participation in the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris and have expressed excitement to follow her journey on TikTok. According to Maher, who considers social media her “second job,”she plans to keep her followers updated, as reported by Seven Days.

According to the publication, the rugby star stated that while she is primarily a player, the social aspect is a significant aspect of her identity. Her followers are evidently appreciative of being able to contribute to this aspect of her life.

One individual left a comment on one of Maher’s TikTok videos, stating that seeing her on their screen always feels like a good luck charm.

A fan expressed their enthusiasm for Maher’s participation in the 2024 Summer Games in the comment section of another video, stating “I’ve been following since the previous Olympics, can’t wait for season 2!”

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