Marvel Rivals Guide: Hela’s Abilities, Ultimate, Tips, and More

Marvel Rivals’ closed beta is eagerly anticipated to commence on July 23rd.

As a duelist, your main responsibility is inflicting damage – whether it be through harassing opponents or flanking strategists to divert their attention during a team battle.

Hela is known to be one of the top poke duelists in the game, thanks to her impressive damage output and agile movements.

Hela’s Weapons in Marvel Rivals

Currently, Hela possesses only a single weapon known as the Nightsword Thorn. This hitscan weapon inflicts significant damage, but requires precise aim to be effective.


The sword, Nightsword Thorn, remains unchanged.

  • Throw Nightsword Thorns

Hela’s abilities in Marvel Rivals

Hela excels in long-range poking and flanking, utilizing both techniques with great proficiency. While mastering her abilities may require some effort, she ultimately proves to be one of the top duelists.


Nastrond is a powerful storm of crows.

  • Defeating an enemy will generate a Nastrond Crow, exploding after a certain duration

The story of Hel’s descent.

  • Hold [space] to fall slowly


The group of astral beings remained together.

  • Transform into a flock of Hel crows to glide forth, press again to undo the transformation

Soul Drainer is a powerful entity that feeds on the essence of life.

  • Project an explosive Hel sphere to stun nearby enemies

The night was piercing.

  • Fire Multiple Nightsword Thorns that detonate after a delay


The deity associated with death and the afterlife.

  • Soar into the sky and unleash Nastrond Crows from each hand at will
Marvel Rivals Hela Ultimate

Hela’s ultimate is a strong ability but leaves you a sitting duck in the air

Tips to play Hela in Marvel Rivals

When playing as Hela, it is essential to remember that you have the ability to deal the most damage in any lobby. This can be achieved by flanking enemies or attacking them from behind your Vanguard.

Due to her Nastrond Crowstorm passive, Hela has the ability to cause AOE damage by exploding the bodies of enemies every time she lands the final blow. While we do not condone taking kills from your teammates, in this particular situation, it would be beneficial to do so as it can greatly benefit your team.

Furthermore, it is essential to note that Hela possesses the ability Astral Flock, making her highly skilled in flanking from the rear, securing a kill, and swiftly withdrawing – a valuable tactic to exploit in its entirety.

Hela’s ultimate ability, Goddess of Death, is her vulnerability as she becomes immobile while using it. Despite gaining an additional 800 HP, she will still be an easy target, therefore it is crucial to time its usage wisely during team fights.

It is important to mention that Hela possesses a significant learning curve, as many of her abilities rely on precise aiming and timing. It is essential to successfully hit headshots with her primary weapon, as it accounts for the majority of her damage.

If you have a strong grasp of mechanics, choose Hela. However, if you lack confidence but still want to play her, it’s important to put in some effort to improve.

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