Marvel Rivals Loki: A Comprehensive Guide to Abilities, Ultimate, Tips, and More

Before Marvel Rivals’ closed beta begins on July 23, get ready with this guide on one of the top Strategists on the roster, Loki.

As a Strategist, a significant aspect of your role is to provide support to your team, which includes healing and boosting their abilities. However, the most exceptional Strategists go above and beyond these responsibilities.

One of the reasons why Loki stands out is his versatility. Not only does he possess healing abilities, but he can also take on the role of a Duelist, dealing significant poke damage when required.

Loki’s Weapons in Marvel Rivals

The main focus of Loki’s kit is his weapon, as it serves as both a means of dealing damage and healing your team.


The name of the spell is “Mystical Missile.”

  • Fire Mystical Missiles to heal allies or deal damage to enemies

Loki Abilities in Marvel Rivals

A significant portion of Loki’s skills are focused on extricating himself from difficult circumstances, particularly because he is not as agile as the other characters.

List of Abilities

The domain of regeneration.

  • Use Rune Stones to create a magical field that converts damage taken by allies within its radius to healing energy

The word Doppelganger refers to someone who looks remarkably similar to another person.

  • Project an illusion that can cast some of Loki’s abilities

The exchange was cunning and deceitful.

  • Swap with a selected illusion

The act of betraying someone’s trust or friendship, commonly known as backstabbing.

  • Pull out a dagger to stab enemies

Deception is defined as the act of deliberately misleading someone or causing them to believe something that is not true.

  • Become invisible and conjure an illusion to deceive enemies


The deity of trickery

  • Shapeshift into a targeted ally or enemy hero to use all of their abilities
Marvel Rivals Loki gameplay

Loki’s kit excels in being able to escape from attacking enemies easily

Tips for Playing Loki in Marvel Rivals

One important aspect to remember when playing Loki is that his effectiveness largely depends on your mechanics, particularly when it comes to utilizing his healing and damage abilities.

To be a successful Strategist in the game, it is essential to have the ability to accurately target both your allies and enemies in order to heal and inflict damage. Although the learning curve may be challenging, once you have mastered it, he is widely considered to be one of the top Strategists in the game.

As you will mostly remain in the backline and not move around much, it is crucial to always be prepared to defend yourself in case enemies attempt to dive and attack you.

Fortunately, his equipment is designed to help you escape from these types of predicaments, as you have the ability to effortlessly conjure a Doppelganger and become invisible.

One of the best aspects of Loki’s kit is that you are not limited to only healing, as you have the option to flank and take on a more aggressive role similar to a Duelist, dealing high amounts of damage. However, we cannot guarantee that your teammates will approve of this approach.

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