Monopoly Go Slice and Dice Rewards

The Slice and Dice tournament will be added to Monopoly Go on June 30. It will run concurrently with the current Peg-E Prize Drop and offer event-specific Tokens as rewards.

Given that Peg-E only lasts for three days and All You Can Win is the sole major solo event, in order to accumulate a significant amount of chips, it is essential to prioritize participating in Tournaments and Leaderboard events.

The Slice and Dice challenge has been featured in Monopoly Go before, making its return in the cooking-themed Tournament with the same rewards and milestones as before.

All Monopoly Go Slice and Dice Rewards

The Slice and Dice Tournament in Monopoly Go includes a list of milestones and corresponding points to be attained, along with their corresponding rewards.

Milestone Points Rewards
1 50 x35 Dice
2 40 Green Sticker Pack
3 80 x7 Peg-E Tokens
4 120 High Roller for 5 Minutes
5 140 x10 Peg-E Tokens
6 150 x100 Dice
7 130 x15 Peg-E Tokens
8 160 Yellow Sticker Pack
9 180 x150 Says
10 200 x18 Peg-E Tokens
11 250 Pink Sticker Pack
12 225 x175 Dice
13 275 x20 Peg-E Tokens
14 300 Blue Sticker Pack
15 400 x275 Dice
16 375 Cash
17 425 x25 Peg-E Tokens
18 500 Cash
19 600 x400 Dice Rolls
20 650 Mega Heist for 25 Minutes
21 550 Blue Sticker Pack
22 700 x40 Peg-E Tokens
23 800 Cash
24 1,000 x675 Dice Rolls
25 900 Cash
26 1,300 x70 Peg-E Tokens
27 1,500 Cash
28 1,600 Cash Boost for 10 Minutes
29 1,800 Cash
30 2,000 x1,300 Dice Rolls

In total, there are 3,100 Dice and 205 Tokens. While 205 Tokens may not seem like a lot, it’s important to remember that unlike Partners, there are no Tokens on the board here. Therefore, if you run out of Tokens, there is no escape.

On the event’s leaderboard, the rewards will increase as you rank higher. The top five participants may receive either a Magenta Pack or Blue Sticker Pack, similar to the Culinary Stars.

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Finishing in the top 5 of the leaderboard fetches you the highest quality rewards.

Tips for All Slice and Dice

In Monopoly Go Slice and Dice, points can be earned by landing on the Railroad space through playing Shutdown or Heist. This space is not as uncommon as the corner spaces, allowing for more opportunities to rank high on the leaderboard, making the competition fierce.

We suggest tuning in at the start of the event to fully experience the 45-minute Mega Bank Heist, which will end 59 minutes after the Tournament begins. However, if you happen to log in early, you can still participate in the event. If you miss out, there may be another exciting event tomorrow, so make sure to check our daily events page regularly.

It is important to consistently use a dice modifier of 5 or 10 in order to avoid losing too many dice and to ensure that you earn a good number of points when you land on Railroad.

Monopoly Go Slice and Dice Tournament Schedule

The Slice and Dice event will become active on Monopoly Go at 1 PM CDT / 2 PM EDT / 11 AM PDT / 7 PM BST on June 30. It will be accessible for 24 hours, just like the other leaderboard events.

In order to obtain the necessary dice, you will require a substantial amount, similar to the amount needed for Stickers. However, unlike Stickers, dice cannot be exchanged, leaving you with only official means to acquire them, such as the daily dice links.

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