MrBeast: Fans and Charity on YouTube

MrBeast faced criticism for recording a video in which he constructed 100 homes for underprivileged families, with some accusing him of exploiting his charitable actions for the sake of views.

The video has gained more than 39 million views in just 24 hours since its release. It showcases MrBeast providing new homes to underprivileged families and engaging in conversations with them about their need for new housing.

During his visit to Jamaica, he spoke with a mother who shared that her previous home had a leaking roof. The holes they attempted to repair caused water to come in, making it difficult for her children to sleep at night.

MrBeast | YouTube

MrBeast showing the previous home of a Jamaican family

Despite receiving positive feedback from the families he assisted, MrBeast faced backlash from fans for his video, as many believed that he was not approaching his charity work in the correct manner.

“According to one viewer, the influx of donated shoes from other countries caused a decline in demand and led to the closure of many shoe makers and their employees’ businesses. Additionally, the viewer noted that a few builders were also negatively affected by this situation.”

Upon receiving a response from MrBeast, he stated, “I compensated those builders for constructing these homes haha.”

Reddit users on the MrBeast subreddit also weighed in on the video, speculating that there could be potential structural problems with the newly constructed houses.

According to one commenter on Reddit, it seems that many houses have been built on inadequate pillars. Despite the charitable efforts of MrBeast, there are concerns that the speed at which 100 houses are being constructed may result in subpar quality.

The YouTuber replied, emphasizing that he had no intention of ceasing his charitable efforts.

“According to MrBeast on X, despite some people’s criticism that he shouldn’t be the one helping (by curing 1000 blind people, building 100 houses, 100 wells, etc) and that it should be the government’s responsibility, he believes in taking action rather than standing by and doing nothing.”

In the past year, MrBeast has experienced significant growth on YouTube, and he has recently surpassed T-Series as the most subscribed channel on the platform.

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