My Hero Academia Season 7 Episode 9: Anime vs. Manga Comparison

The ninth episode of season 7 of My Hero Academia was made available on June 29, 2024. The episode stayed true to the source material, with minimal improvisation and some adjustments to the timing of events.

As the heroes emerged victorious from the intense showdown between the Todoroki brothers, they caught a glimmer of hope for the future. Meanwhile, Endeavor and Hawks continued their valiant battle against All for One. Jiro and Tokoyami attempted to join in, but the villain came dangerously close to ending their lives as the chapter came to a close.

Despite not being heavily promoted, the episode still stood out for its impressive animation during the intense battle between Endeavor and All for One. Unlike the previous episodes of the 7th season, this one stayed true to the source material with minimal changes. This was a break from the trend that had been established since the first episode.

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Comparing the ninth episode of season 7 of My Hero Academia to its manga chapters.

The Aftermath of Dabi vs. Shoto

Dabi defeated by Shoto Todoroki (Image via Bones)
Dabi defeated by Shoto Todoroki (Image via Bones)

The title of episode 9 in season 7 of My Hero Academia was “Extras”and it covered chapters 353 and 354 as well as a portion of chapter 356. The episode began with a flashback to when Shoto dealt the final blow to Dabi, leaving him unable to move. Following this, Endeavor’s assistant declared Shoto’s victory over Dabi.

As a glimmer of victory spread among the heroes on the battlefield, All Might and the civilians outside also received the news. The former Symbol of Peace was moved to tears, imagining the challenges Shoto faced in defeating his brother. The adaptation remained faithful to the source material without any deviation.

The scene then transitioned to various battlefields, including the Jaku Hospital Ruins where Kirishima and his group were engaged in combat against the villains. As anticipated, Todoroki received praise for successfully defeating his opponent, and the fight continued.

Tartarus escapee Kunieda (Image via Bones)
Tartarus escapee Kunieda (Image via Bones)

In My Hero Academia season 7 episode 9, the action moved to the Takabo National Stadium where Fatgum and Aoyama breathed a sigh of relief following the defeat of one of the most powerful villains. The attention then turned to Kunieda, an escapee from Tatartarus who the heroes were battling. Kunieda warned that the villains would not allow Aoyama to leave unharmed, accusing him of betrayal.

The latest episode also featured a visit to Spinner, who was in a state of frenzy upon learning about Dabi’s defeat. Season 7, episode 9 of My Hero Academia then shifted back to Shoto, who was emotionally shattered after his victory over his brother. Despite this, a glimmer of life could still be seen in Dabi’s body. This faithful adaptation of the manga series included no improvisation or added elements.

Endeavor and Hawks vs All for One: Begin

Pro Heroes Hawks and Endeavor (Image via Bones)
Pro Heroes Hawks and Endeavor (Image via Bones)

The focus of My Hero Academia season 7 episode 9 then turned to the Gunga Mountains, where Endeavor and Hawks were preparing for their showdown against All for One. Upon learning that one of his sons had been defeated by the heroes, the villain probed Endeavor about his emotional state. Hawks continuously urged Enji to remain composed during the tense encounter.

Ultimately, the Pro Hero’s temper was ignited by the villain, causing him to recklessly charge towards All for One. Seizing the opportunity, the villain tore into Enji’s chest. Despite Hawks’ attempts to save him, All for One proved too powerful. These scenes were portrayed accurately and without omission.

Jiro and Tokoyami join the battle

Class 1-A's hero Kiyoka Jiro (Image via Bones)
Class 1-A’s hero Kiyoka Jiro (Image via Bones)

Despite defeating the heroes, the villain in My Hero Academia season 7 episode 9 attempted to kill Hawks. However, before he could succeed, Jiro and Tokoyami suddenly appeared and rescued him. Although Hawks initially planned to tell them to leave, he instead asked for their aid due to the gravity of the situation.

Despite his confusion about his feelings towards his sons, Endeavor managed to regain control of himself. The ongoing battle between All for One and the heroes persisted, with the villain targeting the young heroes for death. He utilized his Quirk to attack Tokoyami and Jiro, but the heroes narrowly evaded his onslaught.

Pro Hero Hawks as seen in the anime (Image via Bones)
Pro Hero Hawks as seen in the anime (Image via Bones)

Despite being taken by surprise, Jiro was saved from falling by Tokoyami who maintained his composure. However, All for One launched another attack, this time targeting both Jiro and Tokoyami with a massive laser. Fortunately, Hawks quickly came to their rescue.

Regrettably, once the laser’s effects wore off, the latest episode of My Hero Academia season 7, episode 9, revealed that both heroes had been struck by the laser, while the villain had trapped Hawks. This scene remained entirely true to the original source material, with no modifications or omissions.

The show will be on hiatus for episode 10 next week.

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