My Deer Friend Nokotan Episode 1: High Quality Humor with a Few Glitches

The first episode of My Deer Friend Nokotan was released on July 7, 2024. The series was highly anticipated for the Summer Anime Season of 2024, not due to its storyline, but because of a comedic clip featured in the trailers.

The initial episode of the show excelled in every aspect, with the main focus being on its comedic elements. However, in its pursuit of humor, the series neglected to fully develop its plot. Despite the fact that many fans may not have noticed this while laughing along with the show, it could potentially have a negative impact on the series in the future.

The chemistry between Torako and Nokotan, the protagonists, was deemed satisfactory. However, it would be misleading to base the series’ overall success on just one episode. Therefore, this article will thoroughly evaluate and discuss what My Deer Friend Nokotan episode 1 brings to the table, including its comedic aspects and areas for improvement in future episodes.

This article may contain spoilers for episode 1 of My Deer Friend Nokotan, along with the author’s personal opinions.

My Review of Episode 1 of My Deer Friend Nokotan: The Characters, Humor, and Everything Else – The Highlights

Nokotan is a standout character in the media, known for her humorous antics that she is seemingly unaware of. From her introduction to the moment when Torako reluctantly takes on the role of club president and caretaker for Nokotan, she is undoubtedly the highlight of the show, as seen in the first episode of My Deer Friend Nokotan.

However, Torako is the typical anime protagonist who follows orders without questioning the circumstances. Her past as a delinquent worked against her, allowing Nokotan to become the most popular character in the series.

Torako as seen in the anime (Image via Wit Studio)
Torako as seen in the anime (Image via Wit Studio)

The most important aspect and the elephant in the room is the humor. Humor can be presented in two ways: either by focusing solely on one topic, as demonstrated in Shimoneta’s use of ecchi scenes, or by creating funny scenes that involve the entire cast, similar to popular comedy anime such as Konosuba, Nichijou, and Grand Blue. The show, My Deer Friend Nokotan, successfully incorporates both methods, as seen in episode 1.

Despite the focus being on the deer girl and Torako’s nemesis, Nokotan, the show does not neglect other characters. By including Torako, her classmates, and even the teacher in the slapstick comedy of a single episode, the series demonstrates its potential as one of the top comedy series.

While humor is crucial, voice acting plays an equally vital role. Megumi Han (Nokotan) and Saki Fujita (Torako) brought the show to life with their dynamic voice performances that seamlessly matched the tone of each scene in episode 1 of My Deer Friend Nokotan. Additionally, the animation, as expected from the renowned animation studio Wit Studio, was flawless.

Review of Episode 1 of My Deer Friend Nokotan: The Highlight and Flaw of the Series

Despite being the true showrunner of the series, Nokotan will always remain a mystery for fans who attempt to decipher the show, as evident in the first episode of My Deer Friend Nokotan.

Despite identifying as a girl, Nokotan has deer ateliers, typically found only on male deers. This has caused her gender to be the biggest source of confusion in the series. However, her classmates and teacher welcomed her with open arms and disregarded the presence of ateliers on her head, a fact that greatly angered Torako in the first episode of My Deer Friend Nokotan.

Additionally, a major concern is that, similar to Torako, the anime expects the fans to overlook this inconsistency without any clarification. It is also worth noting that Torako’s #1 ranking was taken over by a new student who happens to be a deer girl on her first day, further adding to the nonsensical nature of the show’s storyline.

Final thoughts

The success of an anime adaptation can hinge on just a few mistakes when it comes to the horror and comedy genres. While the former relies heavily on the art style, the latter places greater emphasis on the storytelling and delivery of humor.

In contrast to the source material, nearly half of My Deer Friend Nokotan episode 1 was comprised of original anime content. This included the dramatic scene where Nokotan breaks through the classroom door and potentially harms her new classmates, the haunting moment when a river pours from her mouth after seeing deer crackers, and the majority of the spotlight scenes featured in the anime.

Nokotan as seen in the anime (Image via Wit Studio)
Nokotan as seen in the anime (Image via Wit Studio)

Upon the release of My Deer Friend Nokotan episode 1, Wit Studio received well-deserved praise for effectively improvising the source material and potentially filling the void of beloved comedy classics such as Konosuba and Nichijou.

Despite the overwhelming number of comedy anime series, My Deer Friend Nokotan’s future is anticipated to bring refreshing and enjoyable content, proving that good comedy is not just a mere annoyance.

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