Kishimoto’s Major Decision Could Have Drowned the Hype for Boruto in the Series

Ever since the Two Blue Vortex manga began its serialization, the Boruto series has been steadily progressing. This particular installment of the series offers numerous enjoyable elements, and all of the shinobi characters have noticeably increased in strength.

Despite this, fans have been going back to previous chapters of the series due to the lengthy one-month wait for each new release. One recurring topic of conversation on social media and forums is the possibility of Masashi Kishimoto changing the anime’s direction to focus solely on Naruto if he had chosen a slightly different strategy in the battle against Isshiki Otsutsuki.

Despite facing one of the toughest opponents in the series, the Seventh Hokage was determined to emerge victorious. In a risky move, Kurama and Naruto utilized a technique that ultimately resulted in one of their lives being sacrificed. But with a slight alteration to Naruto’s approach, the same outcome could have been achieved.

Nevertheless, the potential destruction caused by this incident could have been much greater, ultimately overshadowing the excitement that the Boruto series had been generating for a considerable period of time.

Analyzing Masashi Kishimoto’s Choice in the Naruto vs. Issiki Battle and Its Impact on the Series’ Development in Boruto

The significance of the Naruto vs. Isshiki Otsutsuki battle cannot be overstated. It not only showcased the immense power of Naruto and Kurama, but it also raised the stakes for the entire series. In order to protect their village, the two had to risk their lives. Despite the Seventh Hokage’s belief that he would be the one to make the ultimate sacrifice, it was ultimately Kurama who gave his life while using the Baryon Mode.

According to these shinobis, the only way to defeat Isshiki was through this transformation. While it initially appeared to be the only option, fans began to delve into the archives of past techniques utilized in the original series. One potential technique that could have been employed against Isshiki was the Reaper Death Seal. Naruto, a member of the Uzumaki clan, possessed an innate ability for executing sealing jutsu. In addition, his father had also utilized this same technique in the original series.

It would have been symbolic for Naruto to employ the same technique as his father, as they both shared the same motive – to safeguard their loved ones and the village. By utilizing this method, Naruto could have potentially defeated Isshiki, guaranteeing that he would never be revived again.

Although it was possible for Masashi Kishimoto to take this route in order to advance the plot of Boruto, it would have ultimately undermined the progress that had been made in the series. This is because the intention was for Naruto and Sasuke to become weaker in order for Boruto to have room to grow.

At such a young age, the protagonist would have been overwhelmed by the death of Naruto. Additionally, the series was not receiving strong support from fans and heavily relied on Naruto to drive the plot in the right direction. Taking away Naruto’s life at such a critical point would have been detrimental to the series and hindered the protagonist’s personal growth.

As a result, sacrificing Kurama seemed like the most suitable option. Not only would it weaken Naruto, but it would also have a significant emotional impact on the audience without overwhelming the protagonist. This could possibly explain why the Reaper Death Seal was not utilized against Isshiki.

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