Overwatch 2 July 9 patch: Worst update ever amid controversial Tank buffs

Players have dubbed Overwatch 2’s July 9 patch as the “worst”update ever, as the developers introduce a series of controversial buffs for Tanks.

Leading up to the midseason update for Season 11, Alec Dawson, the Lead Gameplay Designer for Overwatch 2, hinted that the balance team would be taking a more daring approach, with a particular emphasis on Tanks.

The latest update, while bold, significantly boosted every Tank and their respective passive abilities. However, it appears that the developers may have overdone it, as some of the game’s most troublesome Tanks received significant upgrades.

The moment the update was released, players are already labeling it as the “worst patch ever”.

The changes to the game were not limited to Tanks; other classes also received nerfs. The DPS passive will now only have half the effect on Tanks, resulting in a 10% reduction in healing. Additionally, Ana’s Sleep Dart duration on Tanks has been reduced.

According to Overwatch 2 streamer Jay3, this patch is among the worst things he has ever encountered in his life.

Flats, a fellow OW2 streamer and Tank main, strongly criticized the patch by stating, “I am concerned about the direction we are heading with this patch… Just because players may not realize that Tanks are struggling to play, it does not mean they are not powerful.”

Pro player Hydron demonstrated the immense strength of Tanks by proving that a Bastion in turret mode, accompanied by Mercy’s damage boost and Baptiste’s amplification matrix, would be defeated by a Mauga solely relying on Cardiac Arrest without any healing support.

OW2 streamer Eskay once again delivers an impressive clip featuring a nano-boosted Bastion in turret form, with a Mercy providing additional damage support. Despite this, the Bastion only manages to inflict minimal damage on the health of a Ramattra in Annihilation, with a solo Bap providing healing. This serves as evidence that Tank busters such as Bastion and Reaper will experience a decrease in effectiveness.

Despite its low play rate compared to other roles, Tank has received significant buffs, possibly in an effort to increase its popularity among players. It remains to be seen whether these buffs were excessive, as Diamond players have already reached the Top 500 in this role.

Nevertheless, one person who is definitely celebrating the tank buffs is LhCloudy, the dedicated Reinhardt main.

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