My Hero Academia already showed fans how Shoto’s story ends, and now Horikoshi just needs to get there

Since the start, Shoto Todoroki and his family have been a central focus of the My Hero Academia series. As the series approaches its end in August, fans are curious about how Shoto’s story will conclude in the remaining chapters.

Reflecting on the series, it appears that the mangaka, Kohei Horikoshi, may have foreshadowed the eventual outcome of Shoto’s story through fleeting visions scattered throughout the series.

How Kohei Horikoshi foreshadowed the Conclusion of Shoto Todoroki in My Hero Academia

Despite his initial cold and distant demeanor, Shoto Todoroki’s fans eventually discovered the tragic past and conflicted present that lay beneath his icy exterior. This was a direct result of the abuse inflicted upon him by his father, Enji Todoroki, also known as Endeavor.

Despite his difficult upbringing, Shoto experiences internal conflict and emotional turmoil throughout the series. However, in the My Hero Academia manga, there are often moments that offer glimpses of a brighter future for Shoto, one where he finds warmth and acceptance within his family.

Despite the seeming improbability of those brief glimpses at the time, it is highly likely that they foreshadowed the ending that Kohei Horikoshi is currently working towards for Shoto in the ongoing epilogue of My Hero Academia.

Shoto and his siblings as seen in My Hero Academia (image via Bones)
Shoto and his siblings as seen in My Hero Academia (image via Bones)

Among the glimpses mentioned earlier is one in which Endeavor imagined his family gathered around the dinner table, sharing laughter and enjoying each other’s company. This is a scene that Endeavor had attempted to recreate at one point in the story, but his family’s reluctance to fully accept his changed personality resulted in its failure.

Shoto’s hopeful vision imagined a future where his family was not weighed down by tragedy and where his parents and all of his siblings, including Toya Todoroki, lived in harmony. While this may seem like wishful thinking, the current state of the Todoroki family in chapter 426 of the manga does not make it entirely impossible to envision, especially considering that there are still a few chapters left in the series.

With Endeavor’s official retirement and decision to spend his remaining days with his son Toya, there is a chance that the Todoroki family will reunite before the manga reaches its definitive ending.

Finally, Shoto had a vision in which he and his classmates from Class A at U.A. High all became Heroes. Fortunately, this outcome seems highly probable since Shoto and his friends are currently in their second year at the school. Therefore, the day when they graduate and become Pro Heroes is surely not too far off.

Due to the scheduled conclusion of the My Hero Academia manga in August, fans can anticipate a continuation of Shoto and his family’s story in the upcoming chapters.

Seeing how the Todoroki family has finally reconciled with Endeavor and his efforts to make amends for his past wrongdoings in the latest chapter of the manga, a short panel of them spending time together before the series concludes would surely bring satisfaction to many.

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