My Hero Academia Season 7: Shigaraki’s New Quirk and Toga’s Kidnapping of Deku (Episode 6)

The sixth episode of season 7 of My Hero Academia, entitled “Division”, was broadcasted on Saturday, June 8, 2024 at 5:30 p.m. JST. This episode marks the start of the heroes’ ultimate battle against All For One and the villains. Thanks to Aoyama and Deku’s plan, AFO is drawn out and the heroes are able to divide and conquer their enemies in different locations.

Despite their strategy, Toga unexpectedly snatches Deku away to a different location, causing a disruption. In addition, Shigaraki surprises the heroes by using a new quirk, despite being weakened by the Erasure quirk.

The Beginning of the Final War in My Hero Academia Season 7 Episode 6

My Hero Academia season 7 episode 6: Aizawa’s Plan for the Final War Explained

The sixth episode of My Hero Academia season 7 opens with a flashback to All Might’s visit to the students’ dorm, where he discusses their plan for the upcoming second final battle. During the meeting, All Might reveals that their chances of finding AFO are slim, despite their diligent search efforts.

Despite the students’ doubts about the purpose of their search, Detective Tsukauchi assures them that it is crucial to carry out Aizawa’s plan of using the traitor, Aoyama, to lure out AFO. The students are relieved to learn of Aoyama’s cooperation.

1-A students prepared to fight (Image via Bones)
1-A students prepared to fight (Image via Bones)

All Might discloses that they have also uncovered AFO’s ability to detect falsehoods is based on a person’s vocal patterns, and they have devised a means to circumvent this. The story then exposes how AFO was unable to detect deceit during his conversations with Aoyama and his parents, who were under the influence of Shinso’s quirk.

As Shinso makes his entrance, Tsuyu remembers that during their training, he had mentioned his inability to make the people he controls speak. However, Shinso now reveals that he has been undergoing quirk development training and is now able to make those under his control communicate.

Despite not having his provisional license yet, Shinso is cheered on by the students as Principal Nezu announces that he has received special permission to join the final battle. Tokoyami expresses concern about the villains discovering their plan if all the heroes gather together, but All Might reassures him by revealing that another important person will make their plan possible.

The setting changes to Central Hospital, where Kurogiri is the main focus. Vlad King and Aizawa inform Monoma that in order to prepare for the final war, he must duplicate and master Kurogiri’s quirk. Aizawa notes that losing an eye has greatly diminished the effectiveness of his own quirk. After a moment of contemplation about his past, Monoma agrees to assist and demonstrate his abilities as a hero.

Season 7 Episode 6: The All-Out Final War Begins as the Villains Are Separated, but Deku Gets Snatched Away

Deku gets snatched into a different portal (Image via Bones)
Deku gets snatched into a different portal (Image via Bones)

The sixth episode of season 7 of My Hero Academia focuses on the final war as Monoma utilizes Kurogiri’s quirk to open portals and teleport the heroes. All Might takes charge of the operation, knowing that AFO’s ultimate goal is to eliminate OFA once and for all.

As Dabi and Endeavor engage in battle, Shoto steps in to intervene. Suddenly, the portals open and the Class 1-A students appear. All Might activates the Troy system, trapping the villains in cages. While AFO tries to decipher their plan, Monoma opens more portals to allow the heroes to push the cages inside, while the villains struggle to break free.

In the midst of the chaos, Deku is suddenly sucked into one of the portals, becoming separated from Bakugo and the rest of their group. Following this, Fat Gum steps in to defend Aoyama, while Monoma is able to find and join forces with Aizawa once again.

My Hero Academia season 7 episode 6: The Final Battle Continues as Toga Confronts Deku, Uraraka, and Tsuyu

Bakugo, as seen in this episode (Image via Bones)
Bakugo, as seen in this episode (Image via Bones)

In episode 6 of season 7 of My Hero Academia, All Might begins phase 2 of the battle after successfully separating the villains. AFO confronts Endeavor and Hawks at the Gunga Villa Site, while Dabi faces off against Shoto in Kamino Ward. The scene then shifts to the floating castle above U.A. High, where Shigaraki confronts Bakugo, Jeanist, Mirko, and other heroes.

Bakugo alerts Jeanist that Deku has been transported to a different portal. The story then shifts to the Okuto Island location, uncovering that Toga was responsible for separating Deku.

Tsuyu and Uraraka are shocked to see Deku present at the battle against Shigaraki, as they had previously discussed with him that he was meant to face Shigaraki. Meanwhile, Jeanist expresses worry over Deku’s absence.

Amajiki stresses the significance of Deku’s role in their success, while Nejire proposes sharing this information with everyone. However, Mirko urges them to prioritize preparing for their confrontation with Shigaraki, whom she describes as the most dangerous villain in human history.

As soon as he hits the ground, Shigaraki becomes aware of his isolated position and activates his decay power. To his surprise, the ground suddenly propels him into the air and he crashes into the electromagnetic barrier, receiving a powerful shock. Jeanist sees an opportunity to restrain Shigaraki, but he manages to break free.

Season 7 Episode 6: Shigaraki’s New Quirk Revealed

Shigaraki attacks Mirko with a new quirk in this episode (Image via Bones)
Shigaraki attacks Mirko with a new quirk in this episode (Image via Bones)

As Jeanist explains the purpose of The Coffin in the Sky, a fortress designed to counter Shigaraki, the decayed floor is reconstructed in the closing scenes of My Hero Academia season 7 episode 6.

The fortress’s functionality is explained by him, with the help of a team consisting of Cementoss, Power Loader, Hatsume, and other support-course students. Momo is constantly reconstructing and maintaining it while Kaminari and the others power it up.

As Bakugo and the other heroes confront Shigaraki, Monoma successfully uses Aizawa’s Erasure quirk to counter his shockwave attack. Aizawa considers their next move without Deku’s presence. The episode ends with Mirko facing off against Shigaraki, who surprises her with a new ability – rapidly multiplying his arm and striking her while expressing his disappointment in Aizawa.

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