Taiwanese Otaku Stops a Knife Attack After Being Inspired by Frieren’s Himmel

Many of the anime characters are not only cool, but also serve as sources of inspiration. They have motivated countless individuals and may have even been the initial reason for some of us to become fans of anime. Can you recall a time when you were encouraged not to give up because of Naruto’s words?

Nonetheless, these inspirations often fail to materialize in our daily lives. We commonly let go of these fleeting moments of motivation, or we lack the courage to truly “be cool.”

Despite the knife attack, this Taiwanese man demonstrated his strong devotion to anime by intervening and stopping the attack.

A Taiwanese man intervened and prevented a knife attack on the Taichung metro because he was inspired by his anime hero, Himmel from Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End, who he believed would have acted in the same way.

According to the China Times and translated by Siliconera, Ruixian Xu was among the 17 civilians who intervened to stop a man from attacking three individuals with a knife on a train in Taichung, Taiwan on May 21, 2024.

Upon receiving recognition for his bravery, Xu humbly referred to himself as an otaku and credited his inspiration, Frieren, during his acceptance speech.

According to Xu, Himmel would have acted in the same way if he had been present. Furthermore, it is a commonly held belief that otakus, or individuals who are passionately interested in niche hobbies, are often ostracized by society. As such, Xu hopes that his actions and pride as an otaku will help to dispel negative stereotypes and improve the public’s perception of those who identify as such.

The phrase “It’s what Himmel the Hero would have done”has also become a popular meme in Japan and various other countries, often resulting in humorous content.

Overall, it is quite an incredible accomplishment to achieve. Therefore, we should praise this man for his courage.

The information was obtained from Twitter.

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