NCT Dream Renjun Exposes Sasaeng’s Illegal Actions on Social Media

Despite a sasaeng’s attempt to do THIS to him, NCT Dream’s Renjun responded like a King and revealed their social media account to the public.

On X, the male idol is becoming increasingly popular on the platform due to his savage handling of a sasaeng. These individuals, also known as “obsessed fans,”frequently disregard artists’ rights and privacy, engaging in behaviors such as stalking, threatening, and blackmailing.

By constantly following idols and building connections with “insiders,”they are able to effortlessly monitor the movements of the artists and obtain their personal information such as phone numbers, flight itineraries, addresses, passport details, and other details.

NCT Dream Renjun Exposes Sasaeng's X Account After Attempting to Do THIS Illegally
(Photo : NCT Dream Renjun (News1))

In addition, they not only utilized it for their own benefit, but also profited from selling it to other sasaengs at a high price, engaging in illegal activities.

Renjun from NCT Dream is well aware of these events. While browsing X, he most likely came across a sasaeng’s account attempting to expose the group’s contact details and other confidential information.

Consequently, Renjun promptly utilized the fandom communication platform Bubble to reveal the egg account, bringing attention to NCTzens.

The idol firmly addressed the account and stated:

“And since you tried to reveal our numbers first illegally, I’m going to reveal you as well.”

Within minutes, X fans quickly grasped the necessary actions and, without guidance from Renjun, NCTzens collectively reported the account, resulting in its suspension as of the time of writing.

Despite this, fans have already begun taking action by setting a goal for the account to be permanently deleted by X and for the user to be blocked from using the social media platform.

After witnessing Renjun’s courageous action, other fandoms expressed their desire for this to become a common occurrence in the K-pop industry. They also urged agencies to address similar situations.

Despite being on the platform, there are still many other “egg accounts”attempting to sell information about idols for profit.

Previously, Renjun has also exhibited strong reactions towards a supposed fan.

In a recent incident, an internet user who subscribed to his Bubble made malicious accusations stating that idols have an “easy life.”The individual further claimed that the present generation prioritizes looks over skills and freely dates whoever they want to.

NCT Dream Renjun Exposes Sasaeng's X Account After Attempting to Do THIS Illegally
(Photo : NCT Dream Renjun (News1))

Moreover, the accuser argued that the current idols’ live vocals do not even match the standards set by previous generations of K-pop.

Upon reading this, Renjun promptly provided the self-proclaimed fan with his lawyer’s contact information and urged them to stop hiding like a rat. He also disputed the notion that being an idol is effortless, pointing out that they often only showcase their attractive qualities rather than the hard work they put in behind the scenes.

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