YG’s Creative Director Defend NewJeans Against “Copying BLACKPINK” Accusations

On June 10, Belift Lab, the agency for ILLIT, released a YouTube video alleging that NewJeans had plagiarized multiple artists.

The video also referenced BLACKPINK, claiming that NewJeans had plagiarized the concept of knee-high socks and uniform-like clothing with tennis skirts, which is often associated with BLACKPINK.

axis blackpink newjeans

Despite being accused, a former creative director at YG Entertainment, who was present during BLACKPINK’s rookie era and presumably responsible for the aforementioned concept, showed support for NewJeans.

Specifically, the ex-director shared a screenshot of the allegation on his Instagram story accompanied by the phrase “Completely distinct”.

Furthermore, supporters have also brought attention to the fact that prior to BLACKPINK, SM girl group f(x) was the first to introduce the tennis skirt trend, with the group’s manager being Min Hee-jin – the same person responsible for NewJeans. This effectively undermines the assertions made by Belift Lab.

Origin: Fireplace, Instagram

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