NCT DREAM’s Renjun Speaks Out Against Sasaeng Fans’ Invasion of Privacy During Hiatus

On June 11th, Renjun used the fan communication platform Bubble to send messages expressing, “I have a lot to share, but I can only do so here. Please understand my frustration about this.”

Renjun explained that he chose to temporarily suspend activities because he was struggling with panic disorder and depression. Despite wanting to avoid causing harm to the team, he kept his struggles to himself and endured them until his body finally gave in and he collapsed. Recognizing the danger of continuing in this way, he made the difficult decision to take a break. He expressed regret for not being able to continue with activities, as it was something he had wanted to do more than anyone else. However, his body’s reactions left him with no choice but to suspend activities. He apologized for not being stronger in the face of these challenges.

NCT Renjun

Renjun shared that he has been actively working towards improving his health during the break. He mentioned a post that criticized him for enjoying himself while being sick, finding it absurd and pitiful. He believes that being ill does not mean one has to constantly be gloomy and confined to a hospital room. Renjun’s aim is to make a full recovery and return to his activities, so he engages in activities that bring him joy and aid in his healing process, such as going for walks.

Renjun shared his discomfort with sasaeng fans, explaining that they would even follow him during his personal schedules. To him, these individuals were like scary stalkers, as they would sit next to him on planes and take photos while he slept. This caused him a great deal of stress, especially when they would deny following him despite having his ticket information and sitting next to him. He expressed that there are many ways to show love and support for someone, and taking such extreme measures is unnecessary.

Despite your age, I will not allow you to invade my personal life. I will be reporting this to my lawyer and filing a lawsuit. I urge you to use your time and passion for the greater good. If you continue to harass me as Hwang Renjun, not just as a celebrity, I will not sit idly by. Even if there are consequences, I will fight with all my might to ensure you are held accountable. My company is also prepared to take action in this matter.

Finally, Renjun clarified, “My previous statement was not directed towards NCTzen (NCT’s fandom). It was a cautionary message to those who are unlawfully harming the members of DREAM (NCT DREAM). NCTzen, I cherish you so much that I am willing to give you my all. I hope you will continue to experience joy in everything you do.”

Despite previously expressing frustration over malicious comments from sasaeng fans, Renjun has now been advised by SM Entertainment to temporarily halt his activities in order to rest and recover from poor health and anxiety. This decision was made after Renjun visited the hospital and received advice from medical staff.

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