Runway Debut of BLACKPINK’s Jennie Leaves Internet in Awe: ‘What a Woman!’

The singer of “You & Me”is gaining popularity on the internet for staying true to her iconic self!

Jennie, a member of BLACKPINK, was present at the JACQUEMUS show in Italy on June 10. The show, titled “La Casa,”was held to commemorate the brand’s 15th anniversary and took place on the Casa Malaparte platform.

Netizens on social media platform X (Twitter) were taken aback when they discovered that Jennie had made her first runway appearance at the show. Numerous videos circulating on social media captured the idol flawlessly strutting down the runway in a stunning black, backless dress with grace and poise.

Fans of BLINKs were left in awe of Jennie’s mesmerizing beauty and modeling skills, showering her with praise for her alluring stature and commanding presence. Additionally, many expressed their pride in Jennie as she was given the prestigious opportunity to close the show.

The videos were also shared on an online forum, where Korean netizens were amazed by Jennie’s beauty. The original poster happily announced, “She was chosen as the model for the finale of JACQUEMUS’ 15th anniversary show.”

In addition, they praised the idol’s proportions and styling, expressing their admiration. At the same time, BLINKs from around the world were also present on a separate platform to offer their compliments and celebrate Jennie’s debut on the runway.

  • “She’s so charming.”
  • “Wow Jennie so cool
  • “Oh, look at her attitude. She matches it like a glove.”
  • “Seriously, she looks elegant and good even with this hairstyle.”
  • “Her proportions are daebak.”
  • “I’m jealous of how good Jennie’s proportions are.”
  • “Loved her hips when she was turning around the corner.”
  • “Jennie is incredible in everything she does, I’m looking forward to what she has to show us in the future.”
  • “Jennie is truly an icon. Aside from her talent, she’s also really good at making and maintaining relationships, including with business partners.”
  • “She did great for her first runway with so many stairs there. So proud of you Jendeuk.”

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