Netflix Users Threaten to “Terminate Memberships” if Hit Series Isn’t Renewed for Season 2

Despite being released just a week ago, Netflix’s Supacell has already captured a dedicated fan base. In fact, fans are so invested in the series that they are threatening to cancel their Netflix subscriptions if there are no further episodes released.

According to fans, Netflix has once again delivered with their new supernatural series, Supacell, adding to their already impressive lineup of top TV shows for the year.

Based in South London, the show centers on a community of individuals who acquire extraordinary abilities out of the blue. The only discernible thread linking them together is their shared Black identity.

Despite receiving a flawless score on Rotten Tomatoes for its first six episodes, Supacell’s fate for a second season remains uncertain. Fans have expressed their disappointment and warned Netflix of potential consequences if the show is not renewed.

“If Netflix chooses not to renew Supacell, I will have no choice but to terminate my membership,”expressed one fan on X/Twitter, while another added, “Netflix, please do not disappoint us once again. Our subscription is already hanging by a thread. Please approve Seasons 2 & 3 of Supacell. It is frustrating to see amazing shows being cancelled in favor of reality shows.”

“While I typically don’t find TV shows to be impressive, Supacell is truly exceptional,”commented a third fan on Twitter. “Featuring an all-Black cast of reluctant superheroes bound by a shared struggle that predominantly affects Black communities, the characters are incredibly well-developed. We need a second season, Netflix!”

A fourth person posted on Twitter, saying, “I highly recommend watching this show on Netflix. It’s the best thing I’ve seen in a while.”

Despite not yet being confirmed, there is strong speculation that Season 2 of Supacell may be in the works. In an interview with Radio Times, the show’s creator Rapman stated that, “I see Season 1 of Supacell as the equivalent of Batman Begins – just the beginning.”

To truly understand the characters, it is necessary to see where the story takes them next.

In Rapman’s perfect scenario, the superhero TV show would consist of three seasons, as some fans have already predicted.

“Although we will have to evaluate the performance of Season 1, I have made it abundantly clear that I am committed to producing at least three seasons,”he stated.

“I have a three-season narrative planned in my mind,”he stated. “I’m not ruling out the possibility of extending it, but currently I have a clear understanding of where it ends. I have a concrete idea of the story’s trajectory up to season 3.”

Not only are fans raving about the new TV show, but critics also seem to be in agreement.

According to The Guardian’s review of Supacell, the sci-fi drama created by Rapman is notable for its strong performances, gripping plot, and well-developed characters that rival those of other high-quality TV shows. The overall concept of the show is also praised as being clever and innovative.

“According to Variety, the addition of Rapman’s exploration of Black empowerment through the acquisition of powers sets this show apart from others.”

Supacell can now be found streaming on Netflix. Additionally, check out our list of the top TV shows to binge-watch and our guide to upcoming movies available for streaming this month.

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