‘The Man With 1000 Kids’ Threatens to Sue Netflix Over Shocking Allegation

Jonathan Meijer, the subject of The Man With 1000 Kids who is known for his prolific sperm donation, has recently threatened legal action against Netflix due to a single alarming claim made in the documentary.

Despite experts predicting that the figure could be as high as 3,000, Meijer has already expressed his disapproval of the new true crime docu-series, claiming that he has fathered approximately 550 children around the world.

Despite the potential for unintended incest at the lower end, Meijer maintains that his actions are not unethical as he is an open identity donor.

In a surprising development in the case, Meijer is currently preparing to take legal action against Netflix unless they remove a claim accusing him of mixing his sperm with that of another donor.

In The Man With 1000 Kids, an unknown informant comes forward, revealing that he had collaborated with Meijer and a man named Leon on the Dutch donor website called ‘Verlangen voor een Kind’ (‘Longing for a Child’).

Image of Leon shown in The Man With 1000 Kids

Leon allegedly worked for Longing for a Child with Meijer

According to him, the two collaborated in deceiving numerous women in Holland and around the globe, with the goal of fathering as many children as they could.

Patricia, once a mutual friend of Meijer and Leon, recalls how they saw their situation as a “contest”and repeats a speculation that they may have blended their sperm before offering it to a potential parent.

“According to her, Leon recounted meeting at a parking lot and combining their sperm to give to women who were trying to conceive. He suggested a “sperm roulette”to determine whose sperm would be used.”

Meijer responds to the accusation in a recent YouTube video, refuting it as an “outright falsehood”and “complete nonsense.”

The speaker continues by stating that Leon has passed away and that, in a confrontation with Patricia, she admitted that it was the whistleblower who informed her about the sperm swapping.

“It is my hope that Netflix will take direct action to remove these comments from the documentary, as they are nothing but malicious lies,”he declares. “Regardless of your opinions about me, I can confidently say that I am innocent of the accusations.”

In another video, Meijer clarifies that he has filed a report against a claim of slander regarding the allegation that he mixed or swapped sperm with another donor, Leon.

“I have never done that, and it is a clear falsehood. If Netflix does not remove it, I will pursue legal action.”

Despite appearing on the Down the Rabbit Hole News podcast, Patricia contends that she was merely repeating a hearsay and made no claim of its validity.

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