Netizens React to Jennie’s Attitude Controversy with Interpreter

Despite BLACKPINK’s Jennie issuing an official apology, she continues to face criticism for indoor smoking and blowing smoke onto an employee’s face. In addition, past controversies have resurfaced as a result of this incident.

One of the previous disputes involved an accusation made by a Chinese interpreter. This claim was discussed on the Korean forum Pann Nate, garnering more than 60,000 views.

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The topic specifically referenced a previous “review”written by a Chinese interpreter who had worked with BLACKPINK at an event. Upon the conclusion of the event, the interpreter shared a post on social media in which they commended the attitudes of all BLACKPINK members except for Jennie.

The interpreter wrote that Lisa has a good personality and is kind, while Jennie’s personality was portrayed in a negative light in comparison.

Although facing continued criticism, netizens still stood up to defend Jennie against her past controversies. Below are a few of their comments:

  • There was a story about Jennie going to a farm and having a good personality. She was so humble and kind that the author thought she was just a pretty ordinary person, and was surprised to find out she was a famous person. So there’s no telling if the above story is real
  • Anyone can write something like this… It’s a bit much to believe something unconditionally when the authenticity is not even clear
  • Wow people are really trying to pull Jennie down…

The source of this information is from Pann Nate.

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