Star Wars Outlaws: Players Concerned About Planet Size Reveal

The developers of Star Wars Outlaws have confirmed that most of the game’s planets can be explored at a relatively fast pace. Regrettably, this news has been interpreted negatively by potential players.

Despite initial debate over the cost of its different versions, Star Wars Outlaws has provided us with much to anticipate. Developers have hinted at ties to the High Republic era, and the showcased interstellar travel has satisfied a longing that Starfield was unable to fulfill.

Just like any other game set in the distant galaxy, Star Wars Outlaws offers a variety of planets to discover. The developers have already revealed five, which include beloved locations as well as a completely new world designed exclusively for the game.

During a recent interview with IGN, Creative Director Julian Gerighty provided further insight into the size of the planets in Star Wars Outlaws. Some players have expressed concern after learning about the traversal capabilities mentioned in the interview.

Star Wars Outlaws Speeder Bike Speed

Star Wars Outlaws’ Speeder Bikes look insanely fast.

Gerighty stated that Akiva, Cantonica, Kijimi, Tatooine, and the moon Toshara are all approximately two to three times bigger than the map zones in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. In terms of size, Toshara is similar to Akiva and Tatooine, with Tatooine possibly being slightly larger. This information was shared with IGN.

The Creative Director of Star Wars Outlaws further disclosed that traversing Toshara on a speeder typically takes “four to five minutes without stopping.”They emphasized, “Although it may not seem like much, once you’re on the move, it can be a significant amount of time and you will constantly be faced with distractions.”

Despite the clarification, players have responded to the news with some concern about the timeframe mentioned by Gerighty. One user on X complained that this would result in extremely small maps, while another replied that this was not a positive development.

Some optimistic players have interpreted this as a positive indication. One fan argued, “[I’m] tired of excessively large maps with nothing to do or see.”Another agreed, stating, “Better to have a purposeful and smaller map than a vast and empty one.”

After personally experiencing Star Wars Outlaws, we have become much more confident in its quality. Our reviewer was impressed by the abundance of life, content, and Easter eggs on each planet, even going as far as to proclaim it as “The Star Wars game I’ve always dreamed of.”

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