New Details Emerge about Alyn of Hull in House of the Dragon

The second season of House of the Dragon revealed Alyn of Hull, the enigmatic rescuer of Corlys. After considerable speculation, a significant theory has now been verified.

During the first season of House of the Dragon, the Sea Snake sustained serious injuries during a battle in the Stepstones. However, he was ultimately saved by Alyn, a member of the Velaryon fleet, who bravely jumped into the water to rescue him.

After their conversation in Season 2 Episode 1 and Rhaenys’ appearance in Episode 4, viewers began to speculate about a possible connection between Corlys and Rhaenys.

Fans familiar with George R.R. Martin’s Fire and Blood are already aware of Alyn of Hull’s true identity, but now, according to Eve Best, it has been officially confirmed: he is the illegitimate son of Corlys, thus making him a dragonseed and placing him in the same category as his brother Addam.

Rhaenys and Alyn of Hull in House of the Dragon Season 2 Episode 4

During an interview with Variety, Best discussed how Alyn’s presence affects Rhaenys’ perspective on her marriage to Corlys. Although this was not explicitly mentioned in the show, Best shared his insights on the matter.

The pain they both felt had been kept hidden, creating a sense of secrecy between them. During a conversation with Steven [Toussaint], we realized that the topic had never been openly discussed,”she stated.

“Despite all of that, it remains the most prominent issue weighing on her mind. He has always been her constant support and stability.”

“Her sudden instability was brought on by the reappearance of Alyn and Addam and their past relationship, which she had tried to bury and never discussed with him. Despite his complete denial, this caused immense agony for her and it seemed as though her heart was breaking.”

By the conclusion of Episode 4, Corlys is left without a spouse as Rhaenys tragically loses her life in the Battle at Rook’s Rest. As their children have also passed away (or are believed to have died, in the case of Laenor), either Alyn or Addam may be the next in line to inherit Driftmark.

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