Destiny 2: Possible Changes to Glimmer Drop Rates After Community Feedback

The recent changes to the economy in The Final Shape have resulted in a shortage of Glimmer for certain Destiny 2 players. In response, Bungie has confirmed that they are currently reviewing Glimmer drop rates.

Although The Final Shape introduced numerous additions such as powerful Exotic Weapons and the Salvation’s Edge raid, it also eliminated the feature of converting Legendary Shards into Glimmer.

This alteration has significantly increased the amount of time it takes to earn Glimmer. In previous expansions, Guardians would simply visit Rahool in The Tower and trade in Legendary Shards, but they must now engage in activities to obtain Glimmer instead.

After receiving complaints about a shortage of Glimmer on X/Twitter, Bungie has issued a response stating that they are investigating the drop rates for Glimmer. They have promised to keep players updated with any new information.

Despite clarifying that there are currently no plans in place, the Destiny 2 developer stated that any major changes will not be implemented until a later Act or Episode.

Despite its lack of specificity, this statement at least verifies that Bungie is examining a crucial aspect of Destiny 2’s economy. The exact nature of these adjustments remains uncertain, but they will likely result in a simpler method for obtaining Glimmer.

Following numerous complaints of a “great Glimmer depression”in Destiny 2, Bungie has responded. This sentiment was expressed in a popular Reddit thread in late June.

The discussion revolved around the idea that Glimmer is the most limited resource in the looter shooter game. This prompted other Guardians to support the notion, with one highly upvoted comment stating, “I don’t believe that grinding for Glimmer should be the primary focus. It should be readily available for all activities.”

Multiple players also shared the sentiment that Glimmer is excessively scarce in The Final Shape. One player questioned, “Why is it not possible to trade an ascendant shard for glimmer?”while another acknowledged, “I’ve resorted to equipping the maximum glimmer mod on my Ghost in order to manage.”

We are entering the great glimmer depression byu/FewAd2321 inDestinyTheGame

At present, Destiny 2 players have the opportunity to accumulate a maximum of 500,000 Glimmer before encountering a hard cap. This limit was increased in February 2024, having previously been set at 250,000. In a world where the majority of players possessed thousands of Legendary Shards to spend, reaching the original cap was a simple task.

Despite the increased efficiency of certain methods, reaching the Glimmer cap has become significantly more challenging, with even the most efficient approaches requiring several hours of grinding. On the other hand, spending Glimmer is a much simpler task, as exemplified by the cost of 20,000 Glimmer for an Iron Banner weapon and 25,000 Glimmer for a Nightfall weapon. Other notable uses for Glimmer include crafting, weapon leveling, and purchasing Raid Banners.

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