When Calls the Heart Season 12 May Feature an LGBT Storyline Under One Condition

While it has not been officially confirmed, fans of When Calls the Heart have noticed some potential romantic tension between two female characters, suggesting that an LGBT relationship may be explored in Season 12 with some conditions.

Despite being greenlit, fans are currently in the dark about what to expect in When Calls the Heart Season 12. Only a few weeks have passed since Season 11 wrapped up, and fans are still processing its cliffhanger, criticizing the writing, and speculating about potential changes to character storylines (particularly Lucas).

Despite its binge-worthy status, the TV show may have potential for a lesbian romance in future episodes, specifically between Fiona and Faith. Fans on Reddit have been discussing the possibility of their relationship in Season 12, as their interactions have hinted at an underlying tension.

If this is indeed the case, viewers can anticipate the introduction of a new romantic pairing in the future of When Calls the Heart… as long as the narrative remains true to historical accuracy.

Faith and Fiona in When Calls the Heart
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“While I do not believe that every show needs to include queer relationships, I can’t help but feel some unusual tension between Fiona and Faith,”one fan commented. This does not mean that I am forcing any specific narrative, but it is something that I have noticed.

“I know the show is not historically accurate, and it should be noted that lesbian relationships were not illegal in Canada around 1920. I’m not sure if I’m mistaken, but does anyone else share this observation?”

The second person chimed in, stating, “From the moment Fiona arrived, I perceived her to be LBGTQ+.”Meanwhile, the third person shared, “In my opinion, Fiona has always given off a lesbian vibe. She never dated and seemed more interested in traditionally masculine activities. I even thought she and Faith might enter into a lesbian relationship.”

Ever since her introduction in Season 6, Fiona has not been involved in any romantic relationships during her stay in When Calls the Heart, apart from a previous unnamed ex-fiancé who is briefly mentioned. She has recently returned to Hope Valley after dedicating a significant amount of time to advocating for women’s rights in Nashville.

Despite being a series regular since Season 2, Faith has developed a reputation for leaving a trail of male suitors behind her. Throughout Season 11, she struggled with feelings of loneliness, leading to speculation that a potential new romance may be in store for her in When Calls the Heart Season 12.

Despite any potential inaccuracies, certain fans remain skeptical that the television show will deviate from traditional relationships of the era.

One fan expressed, “My spouse and I definitely sensed something between those characters. It could make for an intriguing plotline. I hope it happens.”However, another viewer chimed in, “I’ve had similar thoughts. Although I doubt the show will explore that angle, I would be thrilled if they did.”

“I don’t believe it would be a good idea. If they were to implement it, I think they would risk losing a significant portion of their devoted fanbase,”one person commented.

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