NewJeans Hanni Draws Mixed Reaction for ‘Too Revealing’ Outfit: ‘Looks Unsophisticated’

Despite NewJeans setting the Tokyo Dome on fire with their passionate performances, member Hanni received criticism from K-netizens for her “overly sexy”outfit.

On June 26th and 27th, NewJeans successfully organized their first fan meeting in Japan, “Bunnies Camp 2024,”which took place at Tokyo Dome.

The purpose of this event was to celebrate the official release of its first Japanese EP, “Supernatural”, which was unveiled on June 21 in Japan.

After its debut, the five-member group’s fame in the country continued to rise as they received praise for their exceptional music, impressive appearance, and delightful personalities.

NewJeans(Photo: pann.nate)

Despite these highly celebrated achievements, certain K-netizens have voiced their disappointment with the NewJeans, highlighting the differences in the members’ fashion choices outside of Korea.

In South Korea, people used to dress more conservatively, covering up more skin and avoiding “sexy”outfits, because many children are constantly watching them.

In Japan, however, they made a bold fashion statement with their outfits, particularly drawing attention to Hanni’s stage costume.

Within an internet forum, members shared images of the idol sporting a long-sleeved mesh top paired with a leather bra as the outer layer. She finished off the ensemble with a layered microskirt.

NewJeans Hanni Draws Mixed Reaction for 'Too Revealing' Outfit: 'Looks Unsophisticated'
(Photo : Hanni (Nate Pann))

The original poster wrote in the post:

“Hanni’s exposure is too much.”

Their explanation was:

“Hanni’s outfit is pretty, but her exposure is too much these days. This is almost like a bra. What do you think?”

Upon uploading the article, it has garnered approximately 200k views and has sparked a variety of opinions from commenters on the web.

NewJeans Hanni Draws Mixed Reaction for 'Too Revealing' Outfit: 'Looks Unsophisticated'
(Photo : Hanni (Nate Pann))

Upon laying eyes on Hanni’s appearance, a group of individuals both praised and condemned the idol’s outfit, stating:

  • “The reason why the opinions are divided is because Hanni is cute, but the clothes are sexy and don’t suit her well.”
  • “Why is your body like that? The dress also looks unsophisticated.”
  • “The first outfit is so bad. It doesn’t suit you and it’s not pretty.”
NewJeans Hanni Draws Mixed Reaction for 'Too Revealing' Outfit: 'Looks Unsophisticated'
(Photo : Hanni (Nate Pann))

Some individuals even resorted to body-shaming the star, as evidenced by their comments:

  • “I didn’t think much of it because it wasn’t a body that looked sexy even when dressed like that.”
  • “Hey, but why is her stomach so protruding?”
  • “Hanni, you have a big belly, so why do they have to make you wear such a short top? I’m so embarrassed, instead of giving it to Danielle or Hyein.”

Upon facing criticism, fans of Bunnies (fandom) swiftly came to the defense of the idol, pointing out that many other celebrities also don similar attire. They questioned why it should be an issue for Hanni, especially since she is now an adult.

Theft(Photo : theqoo)

They departed with enthusiastic replies, urging her to simply dress in whatever makes her happy, and penned:

  • “It’s not that short. She’s an adult, so it shouldn’t be a problem.”
  • “But aren’t all girl group outfits like that these days?”
  • “She’s not even a minor, but you are all so overprotective because she looks like a baby.”
  • “Guys, she’s an adult.”

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