Red Velvet Member Irene Praised For Treating Staff With Food: ‘This Looks So Good’

Irene’s kind act triggered responses from internet users and fans of Luvies!

On June 28, K-netz set up a virtual discussion board named, “Irene’s Genuine Concern for Those in Her Inner Circle“.

The post included a screenshot of trays of food with a caption, and according to netizens, the owner of the account was identified as a staff member who works with Irene.

In the photo, it is mentioned that Irene had previously purchased bread and bingsu (shaved ice) for them, while this time, the leader treated the staff to Tangsuyuk from the restaurant.

Netizens left glowing comments praising Irene and admiring the mouth-watering appearance of the food. See their reactions below:

  • “Who was this for?

Reply: A staff that works with her!”

  • “Wow, it looks freaking delicious.”
  • “She knows what’s delicious.”
  • “Ah, this seriously looks f**king tasty!”
  • “Wow, I want to eat that kind of tangsuyuk too. It’s kind of like a school meal.”
  • “Whoa. it looks so good.”
  • “Irene really does treat the people around her well. She’s good to the members too
  • The fact that she bought it from the restaurant is so warm.”
  • “Ah I’m so hungry, this looks so good.”
  • “I want to eat tangsuyuk. I’ll get it tomorrow for lunch.”

International fans praised Irene’s kind actions on social media platform X (Twitter).

  • “Irene has always done these little things for her staff. She’s always so beautiful.”

On June 26, fourth-generation girl group aespa shared on their Instagram Stories that Irene had gifted them with watermelons. This news was later discussed on a community forum, bringing joy to many netizens who were pleased to see the “Cosmic”singer expressing her affection towards her junior group.

Despite Irene’s gesture of buying snacks for her fans, there were mixed reactions from netizens due to her 2020 controversy with a staff. As a result, Luvies took to a separate thread to defend the idol.

  • “She does treat her staff too, and dancers, she always gives them expensive gifts like AirPods.”
  • “To be fair, I think Irene bore the consequences of her actions and has laid low ever since mostly just doing her part in the group.”
  • “There are other celebs especially male celebs who did stuff worse than her but have not faced any consequences yet.”

What was your response to Irene’s act of kindness? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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