Newly Divorced Idol in Another Relationship Again?

Despite her divorce, former idol Yulhee has shocked fans and media by revealing information about her current company, causing much speculation among them.

In a recent Q&A session on her Instagram account, the singer-turned-celebrity openly discussed her personal life and revealed details about her close bond with a male companion.

On June 5, Yulhee interacted with her followers on the well-known social media platform.

Yulhee’s response to a fan’s inquiry about her recent activities came as a surprise to many.

“To be honest, I haven’t been doing much. I’ve been spending most of my time with my best friend, who is almost like my boyfriend. We eat together, work together, and do everything together. We live really close to each other and get disappointed when we don’t sleep together,”


Yulhee accompanied her statement with a photo, capturing a cozy moment between her and the aforementioned companion.

The picture showed the pair lying in bed, indicating the closeness of their bond.

Yulhee (Photo : wikitree)

Yulhee’s disclosure follows her split from Choi Minhwan, with whom she had been married since 2018.

The couple had three children together before revealing the end of their marriage last year.

Despite the confidentiality surrounding the conclusion of their marriage, Yulhee’s recent revelation has reignited curiosity about her personal life.

The nature of Yulhee’s relationship with her male companion has sparked speculation and prompted questions from her followers and the public.

The usage of the phrase “almost like my boyfriend”to characterize their relationship has sparked interest in the true nature of their connection and its potential impact on Yulhee’s life after her divorce.

Since she has become more open, Yulhee’s fans have shown support and curiosity, praising her for being honest and eagerly anticipating more updates about her life.

Despite entering a new chapter, the former idol continues to demonstrate her resilience and authenticity by openly sharing glimpses of her reality, despite facing public scrutiny.

As the discussions regarding Yulhee’s revelations continue to develop, the focus remains on the ever-changing story of her journey after divorce and the connections that influence it.

Through every revelation, Yulhee extends an invitation for her audience to embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal development, embracing the intricacies of life beyond the public eye.

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