One Piece: Which Anime Episode Will Feature Shanks vs Kid?

The One Piece anime is on the verge of adapting the much-awaited Shanks vs Kid battle, but which episode will showcase this clash?

The Egghead Arc in One Piece is renowned for its shocking events. The New World is currently in a state of turmoil, as numerous prominent figures have either been dethroned or suffered defeat in intense battles. Among them is Eustass Kid, who rose to fame prior to the Sabaody Archipelago Arc and established himself as one of the most formidable members of the Worst Generation Pirates.

Following the Wano Country Saga, his reputation soared as he played a significant role in defeating two powerful Yonkos. Along with Luffy and Law, Kid received a bounty of three billion berries. After the intense battle in Wano, the pirates went their separate ways.

Kid travels to Elbaf, where he reunites with Shanks and once again challenges him. Shanks, who has strong connections with the giants of Elbaf, is also joined by Dory and Brogy, whom we haven’t seen in a long time, as they assist the Red Hair Pirates.

Which One Piece anime episode will feature Shanks vs Kid?

Based on the current pace, Shanks vs Kid is expected to take place in Episode 1110 of One Piece.

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Last week, the latest episode of the anime, Episode 1106, covered Chapter 1075 of the manga. In the upcoming Episode 1107, viewers will see the Red Hair Pirates and Kid Pirates preparing for an impending battle. Meanwhile, Shanks is preparing to depart from Elbaf, but before he can leave, the Kid Pirates issue a challenge to him.

Shanks chooses to confront Kid in order to prevent Elbaf from turning into a battleground. Prior to the confrontation, Shanks offers Kid a choice to either surrender his poneglyphs or face a battle. However, Kid is not one to heed to ultimatums.

Following the events of Episode 1107, the anime will resume its focus on the Straw Hats. The upcoming Episode 1110, based on Chapter 1079, will likely showcase the entire fight. It is expected to be a short and one-sided battle, as the Red Hair Pirates and Giants easily overpower the Kid Pirates.

What happens in the fight?

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Despite Shanks having read the data on Eustass Kid before the fight, Kid manages to launch a surprise attack. However, instead of allowing himself to be caught off guard, Kid takes the initiative and plans to wipe them all out within ten seconds. In response, Shanks utilizes his Observation Haki to anticipate the devastating impact of Kid’s attack on his ship and crew members.

Consequently, the Yonko swiftly employs Roger’s ‘Divine Departure’ move on Eustass Kid without hesitation. This powerful strike not only takes down Kid, but also defeats Killer, who valiantly defends his captain. The remaining members of the crew are then dealt the finishing blow by Dory and Brogy.

Are the Kid Pirates Still Alive in One Piece?

The whereabouts of the Kid Pirates remain a mystery to this day.

One Piece Kid and Killer

Despite Kid and Killer being dealt a serious blow by Shanks’ attack, the entire crew ultimately surrendered in defeat and handed over the copies of the three Road Poneglyphs they possessed. Despite this, Dory and Brogy remained unwavering and delivered the final blow without hesitation.

Despite the Kid Pirates pointing guns at their home, they were unwilling to harm them. As a result, the crew met their demise and sank into the depths of the ocean. Their current fate remains a mystery as Oda has yet to provide any updates since the release of One Piece Chapter 1079 in March 2023.

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