Nightingale: How World Maps Work

At the heart of Nightingale ‘s open-world survival mechanics, it is crucial to understand how worlds work thanks to the card system that plays a major role in this process. Here is everything you need to know about how they work.

Developed by Inflexion Games, Nightingale is a crafting-focused survival game set in an alternative Victorian aesthetic. Players, called Realmwalkers, have the ability to travel between worlds using one of several Arcane Portals.

World maps are a key element in establishing these traversals, and they dictate a lot about how the game works. They can also be used to control more specific aspects between worlds, depending on the player’s priorities.

Find out everything you need to know about world maps in Nightingale.

Complete Guide to Nightingale’s World Maps

Nightingale's World
Inflexion Games

In essence, the developers described world maps as crafted items imbued with powerful arcane magic. Used in Arcane Portals, they decide several important factors, modifying the procedurally generated worlds that follow.

Currently, there are three distinct types of world maps that players can craft:

  • Biome Maps
  • Major Cards
  • Minor Cards

Biome Maps: As the name suggests, Biome Maps dictate what the next world will look like in terms of environment. This can range from forests to swamps or deserts.

Major Maps: The Major Maps decide the most important characteristics of a new world of exploration. This can include friendly civilizations, ancient technologies, or unique magic.

Minor Cards: Minor Cards are much more subtle, but they have the potential to be the most interesting in the game. They can do a lot, from changing the aesthetic to completely changing the way you play.

All of this results in procedurally generated worlds that are essentially designed by the player. The idea is that this will greatly increase the potential for customization and replayability. Biome and Major cards are required to successfully create a world in a portal machine, but Minor cards can be used at the players’ discretion.

The game has just launched globally and it won’t be long before the community shares its findings. It remains to be seen whether Nightingale will have the capacity to flourish and endure.

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