Pokémon Go players are exhausted by the quality of these eggs

Hatching eggs in Pokémon Go can be a lot of fun, but it can also be frustrating at times. Recently, Pokémon Go fans took to social media to demand changes to the 7km eggs.

Getting an egg in Pokémon Go can be very exciting. Some eggs contain super rare Pokémon and a few might even contain Shinies, so it’s a good idea to hatch them when you can.

In some cases, however, eggs can be more of a source of frustration than a fun task to complete. A Pokémon Go player recently took to r/pokemongo to share his frustrations with the 7km eggs offered, starting a debate about 7km eggs in general and how the game should change the egg system.

Pokémon Go fans frustrated by the 7km eggs offered

Originally appearing in a Reddit post, Pokémon Go player sw4ffles shared his frustration with the 7km eggs offered in the game, asking for the option to remove them and saying “I really don’t want Meowth anymore.”

Please give us the ability to delete 7 km gift eggs or opt out. Just.. please. byu/sw4ffles inpokemongo

After this, sw4ffles noted how they were no longer able to spin PokéStops to get eggs because their inventory was always full from opening gifts in the game.

Some users on the Subreddit agreed with the poster’s frustrations, with one person saying “I gave up on hatching eggs because it’s boring and always disappointing”and another agreeing that they would like to be able to throw away unwanted eggs.

Others felt that the problem was not with the eggs offered, but with the egg system itself. A small number of Pokémon Go players encouraged sw4ffle to only open gifts after visiting a PokéStop, with one person saying “After an egg hatches, don’t open your gifts until you get to a stop …I do it all the time.”

There were some creative ideas for quality of life improvements in the thread, with one player pointing out that it would be great if regional Pokémon could be included in the eggs offered at long range. This would make it much easier to obtain hard-to-reach Pokémon.

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