“October Wedding” HyunA & Yong Junhyung, Showing Affection with Matching Outfits

The couple, who announced their relationship in January, will tie the knot this October, 9 months after confirming their romance to the public.

In January, the couple posted photos on their individual social media accounts of them holding hands, leading to speculation about their relationship. HyunA had announced her split from Dawn in November 2022 following a 6-year-long romance. Approximately a year and two months later, rumors surfaced about her involvement with Yong Junhyung, causing a stir among the public.

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The confirmation of their relationship came when Yong Junhyung acknowledged it on a fan communication platform, saying, “We are both doing well and we bring positive energy to each other, so we ask for your kind support.”Following this, the couple started dating publicly and disregarded any criticism from the public. HyunA even openly expressed her love for Yong Junhyung on various entertainment shows.

On July 8th, amidst increasing speculation about their marriage, they officially announced their plans to wed in October, garnering even more attention. According to HyunA’s representatives, the couple has decided to get married because Yong Junhyung has been a source of support during difficult times and they are deeply in love. Yong Junhyung’s representatives also confirmed that the couple will tie the knot in October with their close friends and family present, showcasing their strong bond and trust in each other.

Ever since their initial dating confirmation, their whirlwind romance has continued to capture the attention of many. Despite not sharing any photos together on social media, they have expressed their love for each other through pictures of themselves wearing matching items.

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Notably, the couple’s matching hunting caps garnered attention. In May and June, both HyunA and Yong Junhyung shared numerous photos on their social media accounts, featuring them wearing identical or similar hunting caps.

Despite both wearing gray hunting caps, HyunA and Yong Junhyung each put their own unique spin on the accessory. While Yong Junhyung went for a hip look by wearing his cap backwards and pairing it with a brightly colored t-shirt, HyunA’s style differed from his.

In other pictures, the couple was seen donning black and white hunting caps. HyunA opted for a white t-shirt, while Yong Junhyung chose to wear a black one, creating a harmonious ensemble.

In October, HyunA and Yong Junhyung will exchange vows in a wedding ceremony surrounded by their loved ones and close friends.

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