Official Statement: HyunA and Yong Junhyung to Get Married

The reports have been substantiated.

According to an article published by Korean news outlet Sports Chosun on July 8, agency AT AREA has officially announced the marriage of HyunA and Yong Junhyung. The statement stated that the couple has been very supportive of each other.

In October, the agency announced that the two singers will be getting married in a small ceremony with close friends and family. AT AREA also expressed their gratitude towards fans for their unwavering support for HyunA and requested for everyone’s blessings. See the official statement below:

“HyunA has promised to marry Yong Junhyung. The two have shown great comfort to each other in their difficult moments. In October, they will hold a ceremony with their closest friends and start a new life.

We would like to thank everyone who supported HyunA with a warm gaze, and we ask for your blessings for the future of HyunA, who has made a big decision as an artist and as a person.”

According to a report from Korean news outlet YTN, HyunA and Yong Junhyung are set to marry on October 11. The news quickly caught the attention of Yong Junhyung’s agency BLACK MADE, who stated that they will be looking into the reports to confirm their validity.

According to sources within the industry, HyunA and Yong Junhyung have a strong bond of trust and empathy, and have been close friends for a considerable period of time. These insiders also revealed that following their romantic relationship, the couple ultimately made the decision to tie the knot.

On January 18, the couple made their relationship public by simultaneously posting a photo on a beach, where they can be seen holding hands.

Despite receiving support from some, Yong Junhyung and HyunA’s relationship also faced backlash due to his involvement in the 2019 Burning Sun scandal. As a result, HyunA has seen a decrease in her social media following and a decline in her reputation within the K-pop community.

Despite the news of HyunA’s marriage to Yong Junhyung, netizens continued to share their reactions and were deeply divided. On July 6, HyunA’s latest post on Instagram was bombarded with comments from frustrated netizens. See some of their responses below:

  • “Unnie, please rethink the marriage.”
  • “My respect for you has completely vanished.”
  • “Dating is shocking, but even marriage? Are you thinking of retiring?”
  • “Marry him? Oh really? If you wanted to ruin your career you could just retire and that’s it.”
  • “Are you serious? Getting married to him?”
  • “Ending your career like this. Marriage with a criminal lol.”
  • “You’re a disappointment, Hyuna!”
  • “Flop, flop. I can’t wait until you go away! She’s probably preggo too with this quick wedding.”
  • “It’s really disappointing that a woman who gave me strength in the past is marrying a man who has hurt women.”
  • “A person who marries someone involved in the burning sun scandal must most likely be mentally ill.”
  • “Truly loved and cheered for you. But this one ain’t it. Goodbye.”

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