Meta Warzone SMG Outperforms Assault Rifles with Best Long-Range TTK

To our surprise, even after being nerfed, the Warzone SMG has become one of the most effective long-range choices with a faster TTK than some of the leading rifles in Season 4 Reloaded.

Following the July 2 update, the Superi 46’s damage profile was significantly impacted, resulting in a decrease in its effectiveness at close-range. As a result, this has created an opportunity for alternative options such as the FJX Horus to showcase their strengths.

Despite its initial shortcomings, the Superi 46 can actually become one of the most effective long-range weapons in the game with the use of specific attachments. By equipping the Houndguard Heavy Barrel and 4.6mm High Grain Ammunition, the SMG’s damage range and bullet velocity are significantly increased.

The addition of these range-extending attachments enables the Superi 46 to rival some of the most popular rifles in Warzone for long-range combat.

Even at longer distances, I was impressed by how effortlessly I could handle the SMG. We even included long-range attachments in our top Superi 46 loadout, such as the ZEHMN35 Compensated Flash Hider. This attachment effectively minimizes recoil and enhances the SMG’s firing stability.

WhosImmortal pointed out that when using the JAK Raven Kit, BP50, and Holger 556, the Superi 46 has a faster TTK than the MCW at close range to 80 meters. This is especially true when taking into account the sprint-to-fire speeds.

The Superi 46 was described by the well-known Call of Duty content creator as a necessary loadout in the “secret rifle meta”that players must utilize.

WhosImmortal not only values the gun’s long-range TTK, but also its ADS and rapid strafe speeds. These features allow for quicker first shots and make it more challenging for opponents to land their shots, as the user will be moving swiftly across their screen.

Overall, the Superi 46 is a top-performing SMG/AR hybrid weapon that rivals the best choices in the game.

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