Longlegs spoilers emerge with horror fans warned to avoid reviews

As the highly anticipated horror movie of 2024, Longlegs is almost here. However, if you want to avoid any plot spoilers, it may be best to steer clear of these reviews.

Ever since the viral marketing campaign began in January with the unsettling ‘that’s not my daughter’ teaser, there has been a great deal of excitement surrounding Longlegs.

Despite the release of several clips, posters, and teasers, the Neon horror movie still maintains an air of mystery, which has had a great effect on fans. They are grateful that the trailers have not given away the plot and are eagerly anticipating the reveal of Nicolas Cage’s character, the serial killer, in full.

However, if you want to maintain the element of surprise until you have the opportunity to see Longlegs in person, fans suggest avoiding reading reviews.

Posting on Reddit, one individual warned, “For those of us who have been closely following anything related to Longlegs, the Variety review contains major spoilers.”

“I have not watched the film or read any more reviews, so I am uncertain about how much it may spoil the plot. However, based on the details and information they disclose, I would have rather discovered them while watching the movie.”

Even though the release is just around the corner, I am aware that consuming any media related to Longlegs comes with a certain risk. However, I have been unable to resist my curiosity. I simply wanted to find out if the initial reviews were exaggerating its quality.

Upon further examination, it has been verified that the Variety review does indeed contain significant spoilers. In addition, the Redditor noted that the Hollywood Reporter review also discloses a considerable amount of information, though the latter does provide a warning for spoilers and does not delve into as much depth.

After reading the post, someone expressed, “I came across those earlier and was quite frustrated to have a significant plot twist revealed to me.”

One person also shared that they came across a review containing spoilers. They wrote, “Fortunately, I stumbled upon something that I can’t even recall which made me realize, ‘I shouldn’t know this,’ and I promptly stopped reading.”

Many others appreciate the advance notice, such as this individual who expressed, “I am grateful! I have tickets for the 11th and I am eagerly anticipating this movie.”

“I have been actively avoiding any spoilers. The only source I have checked is the Rotten Tomatoes score, and I have no plans to read or watch any reviews.”

Despite the fact that movie reviews typically should not reveal key plot points, certain horror enthusiasts have admitted to refraining from reading them as a precaution.

“That’s precisely why I prefer to focus on ratings. I only read reviews after I’ve seen the movie,”stated the individual.

“A different person suggested, “Perhaps it would be best not to read reviews of movies you plan on watching. It would also be wise to avoid searching for it on Google, reading its Wikipedia page, or watching plot summaries on YouTube.”

Longlegs will be released in theaters on Friday, July 12. Additionally, you can check out the other new movies premiering this month, as well as the films coming to streaming platforms in July.

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