The First Descendant hits all-time peak player count on Steam following Preseason success

The popularity of The First Descendant continues to grow, with the game surpassing its initial player count on Steam during its opening weekend.

Despite efforts to address the issues, The First Descendant faced numerous problems during its launch, resulting in extended periods of server downtime. Even after resolving major connection problems, players continued to experience frequent game crashes.

Despite being a free-to-play game, it received criticism for its monetization methods shortly after its release. In order to obtain anything beyond basic and unexciting equipment, players must either spend a significant amount of time grinding or opt to make in-game purchases.

Despite numerous complaints, The First Descendant’s popularity continues to soar. A recent post on The First Descendant Reddit revealed that the game has surpassed its previous record for concurrent players on Steam, with over 250,000 players descending simultaneously.

The game just hit most current players 1hr ago byu/chinos88 inTheFirstDescendant

One user expressed their difficulty in getting into Warframe due to its style, and their inability to get into Destiny 2 due to the costly DLCs. They then shared their adoration for The First Descendant. Another user commented on the game’s strong early stages, but mentioned that the majority of players are still in the early stages. They added that they are curious to see how the game will progress in the next 3 months.

A user made a joke about the immense popularity of Bunny, a Descendant known for its skins that cater to fanservice, saying, “Only 264k bunnies using guns.”

These games are incredibly addictive.

Despite the initial high interest in The First Descendant due to its free status, it cannot be guaranteed that it will maintain those numbers after one big weekend. The game now faces the challenge of retaining the interest of those who have downloaded it.

Despite facing heavy competition, reaching a quarter of a million players on one platform is still a remarkable accomplishment. As long as Nexon continues to provide engaging content and avoids excessive greed, we could be witnessing the emergence of a highly popular and highly recommended franchise.

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