Yoona Reunites with Girls’ Generation Members in Surprise Meet-Up After 18 Years of Friendship

On the 8th of the month, Yoona shared numerous photos on her personal account accompanied by multiple heart emoticons and the caption “after a long time.”

In the photos that were released, Yoona was captured making a wish as she placed a candle on a dessert. Her beaming smile in a white off-shoulder top brought joy to those who laid their eyes on her.

im yoon ah

Out of all the photos, one in particular captured everyone’s attention as it showcased Yoona alongside her Girls’ Generation groupmates Sooyoung, Yuri, and Tiffany. Each photo exuded a cheerful atmosphere thanks to their playful poses.

The online community shared their happiness, exclaiming, “Girls’ Generation is back together!!”, “They are unmatched goddesses”, “Tears come to my eyes seeing the four members of Girls’ Generation together. May they always be happy”, “Our Soshi is so adorable”, “Girls’ Generation will always be forever”.

im yoon ah

In 2007, Girls’ Generation debuted with their first single album ‘Into the New World’ and have since been a prominent girl group for over 15 years. Throughout their career, they have maintained a strong bond and receive continuous support from their fans.

Yoona is preparing for the upcoming release of the film ‘The Devil Wears Moving In’ in the latter part of the year.

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