One Dragon Ball character actually injures Whis (& he’s not a God)

Whis, the main Angel of the Super series, is highly regarded for his incredible power. As both the assistant and master of Universe 7’s God of Destruction, Beerus, very few characters in the Dragon Ball series can match his level of mastery. With his expertise in Ultra Instinct, it is understandable why most characters would not stand a chance against him.

Despite Whis’s reputation for being invincible in the Dragon Ball series, there has never been a character who has been able to inflict any harm on him. This serves as a testament to his superiority over the other characters. Yet, there was a particular episode (91 of the Super anime) where Whis was seen taking damage for the first and only time in the series, although the credibility of this occurrence is subject to debate.

Please be aware that this article includes spoilers for the series.

The First Time Whis Suffered Injury in the Dragon Ball Series

In episode 91 of the Super anime, Goku and Whis engage in a sparring session in the Gravity Chamber and have a brief altercation. Despite Goku’s efforts, he is unable to land a hit on Whis. However, there is a moment where Whis has Goku in a chokehold and in a desperate move, Goku bites him, causing the Angel to experience pain for the first and only time in the series.

Of course, this scene is intended to be comedic and does not serve as a demonstration of Goku’s abilities due to the previously mentioned factor. It is merely a humorous moment that has been a consistent feature of the main character’s personality over time, as he has been depicted biting powerful adversaries such as Frieza, Majin Buu, and Beerus during key moments in the series.

Despite the conclusion of the Super anime in 2018, the story has carried on through the manga and subsequent films, including Broly and Super Hero. As of now, Whis remains undefeated and unchallenged, making this scene in episode 91 of the anime all the more comical.

The Evolution of Whis’ Character in the Series

Whis in the anime (Image via Toei Animation).
Whis in the anime (Image via Toei Animation).

Whis is a highly sought-after character in the Dragon Ball fandom, as he plays a significant role in the expanded lore introduced in the Super sequel. As an Angel, it is his duty to train the God of Destruction in each universe. Furthermore, he has achieved the ultimate form of Ultra Instinct, which is closely tied to Goku’s own journey. Many fans are eager to learn more about Whis and his connections to the franchise.

Additionally, there have been inquiries about Whis’ true intentions and why he has been investing so much time in training Goku and Vegeta. It may seem illogical for him to train them without gaining anything in return, but this could potentially have a significant impact on the future developments of the story.


During episode 91 of the Dragon Ball Super anime, Goku playfully bites Whis’ arm, marking the first and only time he has been shown to sustain any damage in the story. As previously stated, this scene is intended to be comedic in nature and should not be considered a true demonstration of Goku’s abilities.

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