One Piece Chapter 1119: Ancient Robot Injures a Gorosei as Joy Boy Speaks for the First Time in the Series

One Piece chapter 1119 was anticipated to feature protagonist Monkey D. Luffy and Jewelry Bonney, especially after the latter’s surprising transformation in the previous issue. The chapter was officially released over the weekend and did indeed center on the duo and their current predicament.

Nonetheless, One Piece chapter 1119 also highlighted other aspects of the Egghead arc and the overall world of the series. One specific element that stood out to longtime readers was the comical global focus. Despite this, fans can be reassured that the issue still delivered plenty of action, including a potentially historic moment in the series’ history – the on-screen injury of a Gorosei.

One Piece chapter 1119: Ancient Robot Solves the Code to Defeat the Gorosei

One Piece chapter 1119: Freedom

Stussy officially moves to escape with the Straw Hats in One Piece chapter 1119 (Image via Toei Animation)
Stussy officially moves to escape with the Straw Hats in One Piece chapter 1119 (Image via Toei Animation)

One Piece chapter 1119, titled “Emeth,” opens with a continuation of Yamato’s cover story, which follows his journey across Wano. He is depicted being pelted with rocks by children in Kibi who harbor resentment towards Kaido, in a place where Kaido’s factories still remain. The main story of the chapter begins with Kaku shouting at Stussy to leave after she releases him from his bubble imprisonment.

He adds that she was aware he would respond this way and that they were never friends, despite his admiration for her cutthroat mentality as an associate. He goes on to say that Lucci will remain unwavering even upon his return, shouting over her tearful pleas and commanding her to depart. However, as she walks away, a glimpse at Kaku reveals he too is holding back his emotions.

The focus in One Piece chapter 1119 then turns to Luffy and Bonney, who are laughing while the Giants and Marines watch in amazement. Saint Marcus Mars, a member of the Gorosei, remarks on Bonney’s ability to create a replica of Sun God Nika using her Age-Age Fruit powers. He then observes as Bonney launches an attack at Luffy, who promptly consumes it. Luffy then clarifies to Bonney and the others that they cannot harm the Gorosei and must instead launch him towards them to send him flying away.

Bonney is confirmed as an Armament Haki user in One Piece episode 1119 (Image via Toei Animation)
Bonney is confirmed as an Armament Haki user in One Piece episode 1119 (Image via Toei Animation)

Franky, Bonney, and Sanji come to a unanimous decision to launch a full-scale attack on Luffy. Meanwhile, Dorry and Brogy take charge of extinguishing the flames caused by Mars’ relentless onslaught on the ship. Luffy takes the opportunity to seize Mars’ wings and urges his crew to act quickly. In response, each of them unleashes their most powerful attacks, with Sanji and Bonney showcasing their mastery of Armament Haki for the first time on-screen.

In One Piece chapter 1119, Luffy is struck by the combined attacks of Bonney and Sanji, causing him to cry out in pain due to their use of Armament Haki. As a result, Luffy is launched into the air and eventually crashes into Mars, unleashing a powerful move called Booming Dawn Balloon. The impact is so great that Mars is sent soaring like a twinkle in the sky, much like a Team Rocket member. Meanwhile, the Giant Warrior Pirates’ ship is getting ready to depart.

Luffy inquired about Nami’s group, causing Vegapunk Atlas to go and check on them since they were running behind schedule. However, it appeared that Atlas had a hidden agenda as she immediately contacted Lilith to verify if they were being followed by York. She then began to mention something they needed to do, but her words were abruptly cut off.

One Piece chapter 1119: The time has come

In One Piece chapter 1119, the focus then turns to the Ancient Robot submerged underwater. Inside, the Transmission Transponder Snail resumes Dr. Vegapunk’s broadcast. In his message, the scientist states, “nothing… of the sorts, that’s why… that ceaselessly inherited aspect… and to those that have suffered for this… I can only pray my voice reaches you.”Meanwhile, Vegapunk York urges the Gorosei to completely destroy the Snail in order to put an end to it once and for all.

Additionally, amidst Vegapunk’s dialogue, there are also various reactions from the Big Mom Pirates, Vivi D. Nefertari, Big News Morgans, and Gaimon and Sarfunkel. Interestingly, the latter duo does not possess a Transponder Snail, and are therefore blissfully unaware of Vegapunk’s broadcast, continuing to enjoy their day.

One Piece chapter 1119 then turns its attention back to Luffy and his crew, who are caught in a downpour that turns out to be the Gorosei member Saint Shepherd Ju Peter spitting out the Cipher Pol agents and Seraphim he had previously absorbed. Ju Peter then targets Luffy and his crew, attempting to pull their ship towards the nearby Marine vessels.

Luffy’s response to the situation is to punch Ju Peter in the mouth in order to put a stop to it. However, this action allows Gorosei member Saint Topman Warcury to take advantage and make a run for the ship. Luffy quickly alerts his comrades that Warcury’s skin is impenetrable and they must not attack him, as he is about to harm the ship. Additionally, it is briefly revealed that Bonney has reverted to her child form after being hit with only one attack in her Nika form.

Despite this, the latest chapter of One Piece, number 1119, reveals a surprising turn of events as the Ancient Robot emerges from the water and strikes Warcury, causing one of his fangs to break. This marks the first time in the series that a Gorosei has been shown to be injured on-screen. The chapter concludes with various characters reacting to the situation, and Joy Boy can be seen addressing the Ancient Robot by the name “Emeth,”telling it that the time has come for their plans.

In summation

In summary, the latest installment of One Piece, chapter 1119, is full of thrilling developments that have significant implications. The most noteworthy of these is Warcury’s apparent injury inflicted by Emeth. Additionally, the reveal of Emeth’s name also marks a monumental moment for fans as it is the first time Joy Boy has spoken in the manga series.

The article effectively highlights the extent of Bonney’s abilities, underscoring her inability to maintain her Sun God Nika form for an extended period of time in her present condition. As Luffy and his crew successfully plan their escape, it is anticipated that the upcoming issue will feature Nami and the others setting sail and leaving Egghead Island and the arc behind.

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