One Piece: Luffy’s Gear 5 explained in author’s notes, found by fans

After over 25 years of continuous publication, the Straw Hats of One Piece have often won their battles in cunning ways, taking advantage of their enemies’ weak points to carve their way to victory. However, the reveal of Gear 5, offering a glimpse of Luffy’s incredible potential, took many fans by surprise.

It must be said that the new ability acquired by Mugiwara is very special – and powerful. The hero can suddenly control everything he touches, making his environment as flexible as he is. And if its use seems relatively simple, even worthy of an anime version of Tom and Jerry-style cartoons, many readers and spectators still wonder about its details.

One Piece fan reveals Eiichiro Oda’s notes to better understand Gear 5

For those who hate Gear 5 goofiness byu/_stardust_soul_ inOnePiece

According to the commentary, the main lesson that could be learned from this is the following: “The more he laughs, the stronger he becomes.” It is true that Luffy has been seen laughing out loud during fights in which he proves extremely powerful. Which could become a virtuous circle: having fun with the situation, the pirate increasingly affects his environment, making it rubbery and therefore even more amusing in his eyes.

On the other hand, it might make Gear 5 more goofy than a real serious fighting form, comparable to Goku transforming into a Super Saiyan. In the comments, many fans are calling attention to this, worrying that it could ruin the entire tension of a scene. Indeed, what if a character died and Luffy started laughing? What u/Nuneasy seems to answer best:

“I don’t think the G5 is all about laughs for those who criticize it (like me, lol). When Luffy defeated Kaido, he wasn’t laughing or giggling when saying, “I want to build a world where my friends can eat as much as they want,”so there’s still room for dramatic moments and seriously in the future.”

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