Where to find and capture Caprity in Palworld

The Pal Caprity Goat is a common sight that can be seen from afar thanks to its massive size. If you’re looking to add this Plant-type creature to your Palworld team or base, here are all the places you can find it in the game.

As in any monster collection game, Palworld is full of different creatures that players can find roaming around the island of Palpagos. Each of them has a unique design, one or two types, attacks and abilities, so you can catch them all or just the ones that suit your combat or basic needs.

Caprity is a Pal that can be seen almost from the start of the game, and while it’s not the best monster for combat, this giant Grass-type goat is a good addition to any base because it’s essentially a traveling berry farm.

If you want to add Caprity to your base and put him to work, here are all the places he can be found.

How to find Caprity in Palworld

Palworld has 9 different types of Pals in its universe, and Caprity is one of the first Grass-type Pals you’ll encounter on your travels, along with fan favorites Lifmunk and Tanzee.

This cute companion can be seen day or night around several locations:

  • The main island, north of the Grassy Behemoth Hills
  • The island of the Sea Breeze Archipelago to the west
  • Icewind Island
  • The south side of the Sacred Mountain
  • The Wild Island of the East
Caprity locations in Palworld

How to Catch Caprity: Combat Tips

Keep in mind that to increase Caprity’s catch rate, you will need to decrease her health before casting your Sphere Pal. As a level 10 Grass-type Pal, you can easily deal damage with a Fire-type Pal, but be careful because if you kill it, you won’t be able to catch it.

Caprity is definitely not the strongest fighter available in Palworld. However, its Partner Skill called Berry Picker, makes this creature a great addition to any base, as they can drop Red Berries when assigned to the Ranch, turning them into a constant food resource.

Additionally, he has both Planting and Farming skills and his drops include Caprity Meat.

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