Squid Game, Sweet Home, Hellbound : plein d’annonces pour les K-dramas Netflix de 2024

The year 2024 will be busy for Korean series at Netflix: many K-dramas will make their big comeback on the streaming platform!

Netflix has just made a fireworks display of announcements: as the month of February begins, the streaming giant has just updated its release schedule. If some programs unfortunately won’t be released anytime soon like Stranger Things, Virgin River or the live-action One Piece, some are doing better than others. We’re talking about K-dramas!

Korean series will be in the spotlight this year, because the streaming platform’s biggest hit productions will come back in force, to the delight of fans. Squid Game, Sweet Home, Hellbound and The Creature from Kyongsong, Netflix’s four biggest hits, will all be entitled to a sequel.

The streaming giant made its announcements in long teasers, for each of its broadcast countries. And it is in one of them that we find the information for K-dramas: spectators were thus able to discover a particularly generous overview of the projects in progress, and there is reason to shudder with impatience! Between shocking revelations, resurrection of heroes and bloody moments, 2024 will be full of strong emotions.

Sweet Home season 3 brings Lee Do-hyun back into the spotlight

Lee Do-hyun once again joins the cast of Sweet Home season 3, likely reprising his original role as the apocalyptic plot continues to wreak havoc in a monstrous Korea.

Based on the first look at Season 3, the narrative will pick up where it left off at the end of the second season. Ui-myeong is clearly back and in action, but fans know this time that he’s really Sang-won. We can also notice the presence of Si-a, Yi-kyung’s daughter, born a mutant and possessing deadly abilities.

According to the teaser, father and daughter will cross paths, without being aware of the bond that unites them. However, this is not the biggest surprise about Sweet Home. Because we can also see Yi-kyung returning to the screen. In season 2, the former soldier had perished at the hands of Hyun-soo, while his daughter had activated her monster gene.

As for Dr. Lim, the first images of Sweet Home season 3 show him alive and well, as do Eun-yuk and Yeong-hu. However, brother and sister will come face to face. From there to knowing whether the eldest will recognize the younger, nothing is less certain. We had in fact discovered at the end of season 2 of Sweet Home that not everyone underwent mutation in the same way, and that some could even return to their human appearance. However, nothing said that their spirit had remained the same. Is this a new species of monster?

Finally, the Sweet Home season 3 teaser also revealed Hyun-soo’s more sadistic nature. After the murder of his friend, the young man gives in to his inner monster, letting it take control to better take refuge in the depths of his mind.

Hellbound season 2 gets a first look

The fight between the sects will continue in season 2 of Hellbound on Netflix, introducing Kim Sung-cheol as the new main character.

Hellbound was one of Netflix’s biggest successes after the Squid Game wave. Adapted from the webtoon of the same name, notably by one of the original authors, Sang Ho-yeon, the story transports us to a Korea ravaged by the arrival of infernal colossi.

Woe to him who receives a prophecy of death: because at the end of the countdown, giants emerge from hell to reduce him to pieces, leaving behind only a charred carcass. Initially, humanity finds itself divided between several doctrines, led by Arrowhead and the New Truth. This second sect has even benefited from a significant number of followers blinded by fear, convinced that those targeted by a prophecy deserve their punishment.

But when a baby finds himself targeted, nothing goes right. Worse: while the innocent newborn finds himself in danger from the burning colossi, his parents protect him and sacrifice themselves… And the child survives! The first season ended with this bang, as the greedy followers of The New Truth consider the baby a sort of messiah.

A first official preview of season 2 of Hellbound has finally given news of the continuation of the infernal series. There we discover the New Truth and Arrowhead, still mired in their quest for absolute control. Viewers also witness the return of Kim Hyun-joo as Min Hye-jin, the lawyer who helped save the newborn.

But the main information provided by the teaser is the presence of actor Kim Sung-cheol in the role of Jeong Jin-soo, the original leader of the New Truth cult. After Yoo Ah-in’s departure from the K-drama, Kim Sung-cheol was indeed added to the cast. It would therefore be a rebirth, after the character suffered his own prophecy sending him to hell.

Season 2 of The Creature from Kyongsong prepared by Netflix

The romance between Chae-ok and Tae-sang in Season 2 of Gyeongseong Creature evolves as they face the modern world.

la créature de kyongsong Han So-hee, Park Seo-jun netflix

The series The Creature of Kyongsong has indeed received the green light for a second season, even before the broadcast of the first season. The finale left the door open for a sequel. Indeed, Chae-ok ended up inheriting his mother’s najin, which then offered him a way to survive. On the other hand, a baby najin was born, inheriting the creatures’ characteristic look. Finally, after a post-credits scene, we discovered the hero Tae-sang also alive, in a clearly contemporary Korea.

So we know, season 2 of The Creature of Kyongsong will take place in a modern era, and the main characters will be back. It remains to be seen how they adapted to their new perception of time over the years, and what could have happened between Tae-sang and Chae-ok. Because the first glimpse of the sequel reveals an obvious animosity between the former lovers.

There is talk of finding a killer, and both seem to possess superhuman strength. Could the assassin mentioned be the baby najin from the end of the first season? We will have to wait for the release of the sequel to The Creature of Kyongsong, scheduled for 2024 on Netflix.

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