One Piece: The True Feelings Between Zoro and Sanji Revealed

Despite the fact that Zoro and Sanji have constantly been at odds since they first crossed paths, One Piece ultimately uncovers the genuine sentiments they hold towards one another.

In contrast to the majority of shonen anime, One Piece does not feature its main character involved in a fierce rivalry. Rather, the rivalry dynamic is portrayed through Luffy’s fellow crew members, Zoro and Sanji. Being the two most powerful members of the Straw Hat Pirates after their captain, their rivalry has persisted for many years.

The playful teasing between Zoro and Sanji is a recurring joke throughout the series. Their distinct personalities never fail to clash, leading to continuous insults. Zoro frequently pokes fun at Sanji’s habit of falling for every woman he encounters, while the chef playfully teases the swordsman for his lack of direction.

In addition, they regularly give each other comical monikers such as “mosshead”and “pervert cook”. To add to their dynamic, they constantly engage in a friendly rivalry to see who can obtain the highest bounty.

What Zoro and Sanji think about each other deep down.(OP Magazine 18) byu/Ichijinijisanji inOnePiece

Despite their comical rivalry, there is an underlying sense of camaraderie and respect between them. Although it is not often shown, their friendship can be seen in subtle moments. However, the recently released One Piece magazine confirms that they have a deep-rooted acknowledgement for each other.

The 18th edition of One Piece Magazine, which focused on “the Wings” of the future King of Pirates Zoro and Sanji, was released on June 4, 2024. This latest volume contains a wealth of intriguing information about the characters, including the highly anticipated Zoro novel.

The magazine illustrates how Zoro and Sanji’s actions reveal their true feelings towards one another. For instance, Zoro’s enthusiastic consumption of Sanji’s food showcases his trust in the blonde’s culinary abilities.

Despite their constant bickering, he trusts in Sanji’s strength and unwavering determination to protect everyone at all costs. This is especially evident when he refuses to believe that Nami and the others have been killed on Zou, as Sanji was with them. Despite their differences, he holds a deep care and concern for the chef.

Despite their differences, Sanji holds a great deal of admiration for Zoro’s dream. On Thriller Bark, he was willing to give up his own life in order to safeguard the swordsman’s dream and the well-being of his fellow crew members. Additionally, he is one of the few individuals who is aware of the full extent of Zoro’s sacrifice on that fateful day.

Sanji recognizes the swordsman’s formidable power and unwavering dedication, aware that Zoro puts himself in harm’s way to protect his fellow crew members, as demonstrated in Arlong Park. Due to his deep faith in Zoro and his abilities, Sanji entrusts his “precious”female companions to his rival.

Despite the fact that Zoro and Sanji’s rivalry is often played out for comedic purposes rather than stemming from animosity and envy, it is still heartening to see their true emotions clarified. This validation serves as a testament to the strong bond and unwavering loyalty within the Straw Hat crew.

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