Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero Features Local Multiplayer on a Single Map

During the Summer Game Fest 2024 stream, the release date for Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero was revealed. The game is set to launch on PC and consoles in October 2024. In the past, the split-screen multiplayer mode in the Budokai Tenkachi series has been a fan favorite, but there was no confirmation if it would be included in Sparking Zero. However, the updated store pages now show that local multiplayer will be available in the game, although only in one map.

Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero Multiplayer

Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero Local Multiplayer
Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero Multiplayer

Based on the information provided on the store pages, Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero will offer a local offline multiplayer mode that allows players to engage in combat with their friends, but it will be limited to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

This is the complete description.

Challenge other players online to test your skills, or sit down with friends offline to hone your skills exclusively in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber! Fight your way to become a champion across various tournament modes and victory conditions.

This information is also present on the Steam page, indicating that it is not solely limited to consoles. Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero utilizes Unreal Engine 5, and given the intense on-screen battles and action, it is likely a deliberate choice to maintain both performance and visuals.

The Hyperbolic Time Chamber serves as a confined battleground with only the fighters present inside. The reason for the restriction of local multiplayer to a single map has not been officially announced by the developers, but it is hoped that they will eventually extend the feature, particularly for PC users.

Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero Release Date

The official release date reveal trailer for the game has been announced. Fans can look forward to playing it on PC, Xbox Series S|X, and the PS5 on October 10, 2024. Watch the trailer below to see what’s in store.

We are eagerly anticipating the October release of the final version and have high hopes that it will meet the expectations of fans.

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