Optimal Yujin Loadout for The First Descendant

The First Descendant features a diverse group of characters, each with unique abilities that can cater to any preferred style of play. If you’re in search of the most powerful healer in the game, Yujin is the perfect Descendant for you.

Take note of the top weapons, Modules, and other components to incorporate into your Yujin build for optimal performance.

Recommended Yujin Builds

  • Modules: Autoimmunity, Amplification Control, Battle of Stamina
  • Reactor: Materialized Singularity
  • External Components: Max Shields, Max HP
  • Weapon: Divine Punishment

Yujin is undoubtedly the top support character in The First Descendant. His Ultimate ability not only heals the entire group, but also eliminates any debuffs affecting his teammates and grants them immunity. This makes him a game-changing force in any battle.

However, his lack of damaging abilities and vulnerability to heavy attacks make him a liability. To ensure his survival in prolonged battles, it is crucial to equip him with items that increase his shields and HP. Additionally, reducing the cooldown of his skills will greatly enhance the effectiveness of your team in combat.

Best Module Setup

1 (Skill Module) Proliferating Allergy Inflicts Explosive Reaction. Deals damage to nearby enemies when the effect ends or the enemy dies. This spreads whenever an enemy is killed.
2 Autoimmunity Reduces incoming damage and improves health regeneration.
3 Amplification Control Improves the range of Area of Effect abilities and increases Max Shield.
4 Nimble Fingers Reduces Skill cooldown.
5 Weighing the Scales Increases Max Shield and reduces Skill cost.
6 Battle of Stamina Increases Max HP and Skill duration.
7 (Sub Module) Shock Punch Replaces melee with an Electric punch and increases maximum module capacity when upgraded.
8 Agony Increases Max MP and DEF.
9 Accelerating Stim Increases Max HP significantly and slightly reduces MP.
10 Medical Support Moderate HP heal.
11 Conditional Recharge On skill use, HP is consumed by 4% and 3% of Max Shield is recovered
12 Resist Module Interchangeable depending on what you’re fighting, pick an Elemental Resistance that counters your enemy.

Yujin is a support character whose main role is to maintain high mobility on the battlefield in order to reach any allies in need of his healing skills. Prioritizing the use of Proliferating Allergy and Autoimmunity on him is crucial, as his initial stats may pose a challenge during the early and mid-game stages.

In addition, utilizing modules like Nimble Fingers and Battle of Stamina that decrease the cooldown of your skills will be crucial in enduring lengthy battles where you will need to continuously use them.

Although it decreases MP, acquiring Stim Accelerant can greatly impact the endgame, as does the Resist Module. The latter is essential in perfecting the optimal Yujin build, as it allows for tailored resistance against different enemies.

Best Reactors

As our build heavily relies on his Solidarity Healing ability, obtaining the Materialized Singularity Reactor should be your main priority. Additionally, equipping him with items that enhance his Non-Attribute and Fusion skills, like the Materialized Mixture, would also be beneficial.

Best External Components

The key to effectively using Yujin in battle is to equip him with any External Component that enhances his Max Shields, Max HP, HP Recovery, or DEF. This will enable him to withstand damage while pursuing other teammates, and allowed me to position him closer to the front line of the fight.

Best weapons

The Divine Punishment Assault Rifle, Afterglow Sword Sniper Rifle, and Nazeiestra’s Devotion Hand Cannon are all necessary components for the optimal Yujin build in The First Descendant.

Divine Punishment

  • Firearm ATK: 23
  • Fire Rate: 705
  • Reload Speed: 1.55 seconds
  • Effective Range: 30m
  • Prayer: Granting a buff to allies excluding yourself will grant the Meditation to yourself. Recovering an ally’s HP, Shield, MP or Resources will grant the unique ability Praise to yourself. Inflicting a debuff on an enemy will grant the unique ability Glory to yourself.
    • Meditation: Increases DEF by a base of 10% for 30 seconds. This effect stacks up to 3 times and increases DEF by 5% per extra stack.
    • Praise: Reduces Skill cooldown (amount dependent on Skill).
    • Glory: Increases the base stat for Firearm ATK with each equipped weapon.
Divine Punishment Assault Rifle
Nexon Games

Yujin’s strength lies in his ability to buff his team, making the Divine Punishment the perfect weapon for him. In addition to its passives, which can help reduce his vulnerability, even though the base Firearm ATK may not be as high as other options.

Nazeistra’s Devotion

  • Firearm ATK: 400
  • Fire Rate: 150
  • Reload Speed: 1.5 seconds
  • Effective Range: 25m
  • The unique ability Devotion Mark is inflicted on an enemy when their Weak Point is hit, showcasing fanaticism. In the case of hitting an ally, their shield is replenished with your MP. However, if your current MP is lower than the required amount, this effect will not activate.
Nazeistra's Devotion Hand Cannon in The Firs Descendant

The Devotion Hand Cannon from Naziestra seamlessly complements Yujin’s abilities by providing the ability to heal allies that are out of reach for his skills. Due to Yujin’s lower damage output, the Firearm ATK and FPS of the weapon allow for a swift escape from any perilous encounters.

Afterglow Sword

  • Firearm ATK: 240
  • Fire Rate: 66
  • Reload Speed: 2.5 seconds
  • Effective Range: 55m
  • The game character “Nightmare Reaper”possesses the special ability Death Propagation, which is triggered when attacking an enemy’s vulnerable spot. Additionally, when targeting enemy commanders or colossi, the character gains an increased Firearm Critical Hit rate.
Afterglow Sword first descendant
Nexon Games

To prevent Yujin from engaging in battle, you can give him the Afterglow Sword. While positioning him strategically is necessary for him to utilize his skills, using the Sniper Rifle will allow you to concentrate on dealing Weak Point damage, especially in boss battles.

Best Active Skill

The top Active Skill is Solidarity Healing, as it centers on the character’s capability to revive and heal allies who may be spread out on the battlefield. This skill deploys a drone that follows teammates within a 15-meter range, and also temporarily boosts Firearm ATK and Skill Power after use.

Following some time spent playing with Yujin, I came to the realization that he may not be essential in the early stages of the game, but his presence becomes crucial in more challenging difficulty levels and endgame missions. While it may appear that he is unable to endure a full battle, mastering his cooldowns is the key to utilizing him as a vital member of any team.

Although boosting his damage output is not your main concern, you may want to utilize the Restructure Serum ability to enhance your allies’ damage against the targeted enemy. This skill has a range of 8 meters and is best implemented during boss fights.

Abilities explained

  • Yujin’s ability to rescue allies is significantly improved when using the Stop Overreacting technique. Any allies rescued by Yujin will also receive a temporary healing effect that restores them to full HP.
  • Solidarity Healing: Calls upon a Recovery Drone to attach to allies and heal them. Upon dismissal, the drone also boosts the target’s ATK with an Accelerant effect.
  • The Restructure Serum is fired forward, reducing DEF and causing Allergy status. Allies who attack enemies inflicted with Allergy will receive healing, with an additional boost for allies who deliver the final blow.
  • The Stimulant Spray provides allies with Stimulation, which reduces incoming damage and grants recovery when the effect ends.
  • The Ultimate skill, Hyperreactive Healing Ground, provides healing to both the user and allies while also granting Purification and Immunity to remove and prevent debuffs. The amount of healing received is determined by the number of allies and enemies within range. Furthermore, Yujin gains the Hyper Activity effect, which boosts his ATK and skill power.

How to unlock Yujin

To obtain Yujin, you have two options. You can either purchase him for 900 Caliber (Premium Currency) from the in-game shop or acquire him by consulting with Magister Anais in the Albion Mountains and conducting research using the required materials.

  • 1x Yujin Enhanced Cells
    • 292x Flectorite
    • 455x Reverse Charging Coil
    • 22x Divided Plasma Battery
    • 1x Yujin Enhanced Cells Blueprint
  • 1x Yujin Stabilizer
    • 239x Compound Coating Material
    • 554x Carbon Crystal
    • 40x Pure Energy Residue
    • 1x Yujin Stabilizer Blueprint
  • 1x Yujin Spiral Catalyst
    • 386x Hardener
    • 408x Ceramic Composite
    • 27x Anode Ion Particle
    • 1x Yujin Spiral catalyst Blueprint
  • 1x Yujin Code

In addition, you can learn how to unlock Encrypted Vaults and discover the benefits of achieving higher Mastery ranks.

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