League Players Reveal the Champion with the Worst Lore

Despite League of Legends having a vast array of lore with its roster of more than 160 champions, certain players have taken it upon themselves to identify which champions they believe have the weakest backstories.

Lore in League is a complex undertaking, as Riot Games has made changes to the story of Runeterra in the past, neglected to include background information for some of its newer characters, and is currently attempting to connect all aspects through its Netflix series, Arcane.

Although champions with lengthy histories or grand narratives linked to events may have been deemed significant, it appears that they may not hold as much importance as originally believed. Nonetheless, some champions have been criticized by players for their lackluster backstories.

On the game’s subreddit, a player posed a question about which champion has the “worst overall lore,”excluding characters with minimal backstory, such as Shaco.

According to the post, the primary factor in determining the champion with the worst lore is the quality of the writing and the impact of their backstory.

Cithria the Bold art for Legends of Runeterra
Riot Games

Cithria is a Legends of Runeterra fan favorite and has appeared in many League of Legends lore pieces.

A player recommended choosing Zyra, the support mage with a backstory that portrays her as lacking motivation.

The Reddit user expressed surprise that Zyra has not been acknowledged, as her “lore”is lacking. She mysteriously awoke in a jungle with no explanation and harbors anger towards the world. She has a tendency to kill anyone she encounters in the jungle, where she has not encountered or been known by anyone else. If she were to suddenly pass away, not a single champion would be aware or concerned.

It was suggested by another individual to change the lore of Cho’Gath during one of the major reboots.

“Cho’Gath’s backstory is an absolute nothing burger, according to them. While the lore of the void itself is intriguing, his own is not.”

However, out of all the champions, Akshan had the most convincing argument for having the worst lore.

Akshan made his debut in 2021 and his backstory revolved around seeking vengeance for the death of his mentor through the use of a powerful weapon known as the Absolver. This mystical weapon had the ability to resurrect the victim of a murder when used against their killer. Despite its intriguing premise, players felt that his storyline was too brief and unsatisfying.

One user expressed their enjoyment of Akshan as a character, but pointed out that his role in the lore was completed within a year of his introduction. They noted that he was introduced with a Mcguffin, used it, and that was the end of his significance.

Another player highlighted that he swiftly gave up his pursuit for revenge during a lore event, and it appeared that he was only brought in to resurrect Gwen and Senna, both of whom would eventually become part of the League’s roster.

“According to the player, the mechanics of this Mcguffin were nonsensical and it had been intentionally created for a single, specific purpose.”

Ever since the Sentinels of Light event, Akshan has not made many appearances in the stories of Runeterra and it is believed that he has resumed his original mission of seeking revenge. While being accused of having the “worst lore”may seem harsh, it does appear to be fitting in this particular case.

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