How to Create the Perfect Warzone Loadout: DG-56 Class Setup, Attachments, and Perks

Viable burst guns, such as the DG-56, remain a versatile option for survival in Warzone Season 4 Reloaded.

Despite having some standouts like Black Ops Cold War’s M16, burst weapons in Warzone have had a varied track record, with many failing to gain popularity in the meta.

The DG-56, modeled after the real-life QBZ-97, is a three-round burst assault rifle that aims to provide a formidable alternative with its remarkable precision and competitive time-to-kill.

Although it may not be the most user-friendly weapon, a proper loadout is crucial to maximizing its potential. This is where we step in, offering a loadout that will help you dominate in Warzone Season 4 Reloaded.

Best DG-56 Warzone loadout

  • Muzzle: VT-7 Spiritfire Suppressor
  • Barrel: DG-58 LS18 Barrel
  • Optic: Corio Eagleseye 2.5x
  • Lower barrel: Bruen Heavy Support Grip
  • Magazine: 60 Round Drum

The objective for any burst weapon is to decrease recoil for a more consistent and wider damage range. The DG-56 LS18 Barrel and VT-7 Spiritfire Suppressor are a great combination as they not only enhance the range, but also minimize recoil and provide a silencing effect for your weapon.

When it comes to managing recoil, using the Bruen Heavy Support Grip stock significantly decreases the amount of Recoil Gun Kick, which is crucial for burst guns. The benefit of this attachment is that its drawbacks are minimal.

Just like any other rifle in Warzone, the DG-56 benefits greatly from a larger magazine. The 60 Round Drum attachment provides this advantage, making the already efficient burst-fire weapon even more effective.

Lastly, but definitely not least, we have the Corio Eagleseye 2.5x optic, known for its exceptional performance on assault rifles due to its minimal visual recoil and excellent clarity.

DG-56 previewed in Call of Duty: Warzone.

The DG-56 brings back burst guns as a viable option in Warzone.

DG-56 Warzone Loadout: Perks and Equipment

  • Perk 1: Double Time
    • increases Tac Sprint duration
  • Perk 2: Sleight of Hand
    • reload faster
  • Perk 3: Quick Fix
    • inserting a plate or killing another player will trigger health regeneration
  • Perk 4: Resolute
    • move faster when hit by an enemy shot
  • Lethal: Throwing Knife
  • Tactical: Smoke Grenade

Double Time is still a viable choice for the first Perk slot, as it not only extends the duration of your tactical sprint, but also decreases its cooldown, allowing for more frequent use. This pairs nicely with Sleight of Hand, which speeds up reloading times and helps you quickly return to combat when needed.

Quick Fix simplifies the process of health regeneration by automatically triggering it when an armor plate is inserted into your vest.

Resolute is a potent Perk in the fourth slot that amplifies your mobility by providing a movement speed increase when you are hit by enemy fire.

Opting for a Throwing Knife in the lethal slot is a safe choice, as it allows for swift and accurate attacks on enemy players. As for the tactical slot, the Smoke Grenade remains the top choice due to its ability to create effective cover and significantly impact gameplay.

Unlocking DG-56 in Warzone

The DG-56 can be obtained in Warzone by accessing the armory at level 25. Once at the required rank, the player must activate the DG-56 and complete 3 daily challenges. Alternatively, the assault rifle can also be unlocked by extracting with it in Zombies.

Best weapon alternatives in Warzone

Despite not being a burst weapon, the Holger 556 directly rivals the DG-56 in terms of range and offers an excellent full-auto alternative.

The Warzone Season 4 Reloaded offers several solid mid-range options, including the DG-56, Holger 556, BAL-27, and MCW. Be sure to research each option before making a decision.

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