The First Descendant Players Want Devs to Learn from Warframe’s Customization

The First Descendant players are urging developers to include the option to dye the default skins, similar to Warframe. They believe that this addition will help reduce the amount of grinding required to unlock characters in the game.

According to a player’s suggestion on the game’s subreddit, The First Descendant could benefit from incorporating the Warframe mechanic, which allows players to customize their default skins with a variety of colors, providing them with endless possibilities for dye usage.

In addition to providing players with more choices for personalizing their characters, it is believed that this would also help tackle the problem of the game’s character unlock system being heavily reliant on grinding.

The poster expresses the necessity for a system by stating, “I am tired of constantly seeing blue bunnies running rampant… this situation is quite tiresome.”

In Warframe you can paint the default skins and unlimited use of dye, please give us the same system because I’m tired of seeing blue bunnies running everywhere.. this shit is tedious byu/ishtarMED inTheFirstDescendant

Despite being a beloved character for her impressive abilities and appearance, Bunny is frequently chosen by players due to her status as the most accessible Descendant to unlock. On the other hand, the remaining characters, including the ones initially available, require a significant amount of effort to obtain unless players are willing to invest in Caliber, the game’s premium currency.

As a result, many maps are now dominated by Bunnys, mostly in her original form.

Despite the fact that the game does offer the ability to change the color of certain appearances, this feature is only available for a select few Premium skins.

Despite widespread criticism of both The First Descendant’s character unlock system and microtransactions for customizations, which include pricey skins and dyes, it comes as no surprise that other players are also supporting the poster’s suggestion.

“According to one individual, it is illogical that the default skin cannot utilize dyes. It is even more absurd that the powerful Descendants are unable to dye their attire.”

Another user commented that it is the best customization feature that Warframe has implemented and it is absurd that none of the other major players have done the same.

Some also noted that the alpha and beta versions of the game had the same feature, but it is not present in the final release.

Considering that the concept was present in earlier versions of the game and with Season 1 approaching, players of The First Descendant can only anticipate that the developers will bring back the feature to dye default skins in a future update.

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