Orb-spewing Destiny 2 SMG makes Iron Banner well worth farming

In The Final Shape, Iron Banner has introduced numerous new weapons to Destiny 2. However, the standout weapon that players should prioritize farming before the PvP mode leaves rotation is an SMG that was not even reissued.

Despite the three newly reissued weapons introduced in The Final Shape, it is actually a non-updated SMG, the Multimach CCX, that remains the top performing gun in Iron Banner’s PvP game mode. While the Claws of the World, Crimil’s Dagger, and Point of the Stag all have their own strengths, the Multimach CCX stands out as the clear leader in this season.

Multimach CCX, a Kinetic SMG that was reintroduced in Season 23, did not gain much recognition as SMGs were not highlighted in the season’s artifact. However, in Episode Echoes, this underestimated primary weapon finally has the opportunity to showcase its potential.

The defining feature of the Lightweight Frame SMG is its ability to roll both Attrition Orbs and Kinetic Tremors, setting it apart from other weapons. This unique perk combination is highly effective in generating numerous Orbs of Power, as Kinetic Tremors consistently activates Attrition Orbs.

In order to acquire the Multimach CCX, it is recommended to obtain the following god roll through PvE farming before Iron Banner is removed from rotation on July 16.

  • Barrel: Corkscrew Rifling/Smallbore
  • Magazine: Appended Mag/Tactical Mag
  • Column Three: Attrition Orbs
  • Column Four: Kinetic Tremors
  • Origin Trait: Field-Tested
Focusing Multimach CCX in Destiny 2.

Multimach CCX can be focused at Lord Saladin for x1 Iron Engram and x25,000 Glimmer each.

This ideal combination is highly effective for builds centered around utilizing Orbs of Power to either generate armor charge, maintain buffs, or activate multiple Supers. For instance, Strand Titans seeking to sustain Woven Mail, Celestial Nighthawk users aiming to maximize Golden Gun use, and anyone who places importance on the 20% damage increase granted by the Radiant Orbs artifact mod this season.

Midnight Coup and Origin Story are the only other weapons that possess these perks. However, obtaining Midnight Coup has become challenging as attunement is no longer available in Onslaught. Additionally, Origin Story has a vast perk pool, making it subject to the unpredictability of RNG.

Regrettably, Multimach CCX falls short of being a flawless weapon. In the current PvE meta, SMGs are underperforming compared to most other primary weapons. However, the exceptional perks of the Iron Banner weapon make it worthwhile to grind for, especially considering the high possibility of SMGs receiving a buff in the future.

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