Original Inventory System May Return in Black Ops 6 Era, According to Warzone Leak

As is customary with each new release of CoD, Warzone experiences various modifications to its features in order to better align with the latest game. According to leaked information, this trend will continue with the rumored release of Treyarch’s Black Ops 6, which may bring back the traditional inventory system.

In conjunction with the launch of Warzone 2 in 2022, a backpack mechanic was introduced. This feature underwent various changes throughout the game’s lifespan, greatly impacting gameplay by allowing for enhanced equipment transportation capabilities.

Despite the speculation that Warzone’s backpack system may be removed, well-known leaker BobNetworkUK revealed in a July 6 post that the integration of Black Ops 6 could potentially bring back the game’s original inventory system. Additionally, they mentioned that Wildcards will be incorporated into the loadout system.

This divided players, with some embracing the original system and others questioning the need for a change in the current system.

One player commented on CharlieIntel’s post, “Am I the only one who thinks the current Backpack is great as it is? They shouldn’t try to fix something that isn’t broken.”Other players agreed, stating that the current system was a welcome change and reverting back to the old one would be a regression.

In addition, they mentioned that it enhances the quality of gameplay, as it allows for convenient storage of items such as trophies, muni boxes, and plate boxes. Some also agreed with this viewpoint, suggesting that the only change necessary would be implementing a limit on items like streaks and self revives.

Despite this, there was a widespread celebration of the potential reintroduction of the classic inventory system. Popular content creator FaZe Scope expressed, “DEUCES backpacks won’t be missing ya.”Another user pointed out, “No more Streak and self revive spam.”

At present, there is no official announcement about the integration of BO6 and Warzone. However, leaked information suggests that numerous original features and content will be revived, and there are hints of the unlimited Tac Sprint making a comeback.

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