Heartstopper Season 3 finally reveals missing character

One major character will be missing in Heartstopper Season 3, but their backstory will not align with the one portrayed in the original source material.

The third season of Heartstopper, the heartwarming YA series on Netflix, promises to bring more drama, love, and relatable struggles faced by modern queer youth.

In addition to the other new additions in Season 3, the show will introduce Oliver, a new member of the group who will be recognized by those who have read the source material.

Although Oliver is portrayed as Tori and Charlie’s younger brother in the comics, the promotional material for Season 3 has revealed that he will be depicted as their cousin.

In the original Heartstopper comics, Oliver is depicted as a kind, level-headed, and understanding younger brother who calls out his siblings for their negative attitudes on numerous occasions.

Despite his complicated feelings towards Charlie, Oliver fully embraces his sexuality and holds a special fondness for Charlie’s boyfriend Nick Nelson. This is due to Nick’s popularity as an ace ruby player and his kind-hearted nature.

Despite playing a significant role in the comics, a popular theory suggests that Oliver may have been left out of the series due to Tori and Charlie already grappling with weighty teenage problems at the start of the show, leaving no space for a younger brother-like character.

Despite Toni and Charlie’s inability to connect with their younger brother in Season 3, Jensen Clayden, who portrays Oliver, remains optimistic about the character’s development in the upcoming season.

“According to Tudum, Clayden revealed that Oliver Spring, a beloved character from the comics, will be making a youthful and cheerful appearance as the younger cousin of Tori and Charlie in Season 3 of Heartstopper. Fans of the show can look forward to meeting this new addition with excitement!”

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