The Boys Fans Fear for One Supe Before Episode 7

Despite The Boys racing towards its season finale, fans remain convinced that A-Train will meet his ultimate demise before the episode comes to a close.

The sneak peek at The Boys Season 4’s second to last episode is an exciting teaser. The Boys’ headquarters is engulfed in a chaotic fight, A-Train appears as a puppet, and Homelander appears to be losing control – all accompanied by a cheerful Christmas tune.

Despite his increased presence in the trailer, fans on social media are still terrified that A-Train will meet his demise in this episode. This fear is fueled by his lack of participation in the showdown between The Deep and Starlight.

One fan tweeted a screenshot of the A-Train puppet, who seems to be featured in a Christmas special with Homelander’s son, Ryan, and declared, “Bro is done for.”

Another person expressed, “I truly hope A Train makes it through the series. The way the child smiled at him, it was evident that he finally felt like a hero.”

It is widely speculated that A-Train, the resident super speedster of The Seven, is bound to meet his demise, especially after a young fan acknowledges him while he saves Mother’s Milk in a particular scene.

The natural progression of A-Train’s arc is evident to many. His carelessness is the reason for the events of the show, but his character has been set up for a redemption arc. This has come to fruition in Season 4, as A-Train has been secretly assisting The Boys.

Regrettably, that storyline is almost certainly a foreshadowing of tragedy, as The Boys consistently features unfortunate events happening to innocent characters. With just two installments remaining in Season 4, A-Train’s chances of being killed are now higher than ever before.

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